Has anyone found a small, good wall-plug charger with all major USB ports?

Looking for:

  • At least one port for each of the three most common types used in portable devices: USB-A (the big boxy one), Micro-USB (was common on cell phones until recently), and USB-C (the new standard).
  • Small enough to be appropriate for a go-bag.
  • Durable. For example, maybe the electrical prongs can fold in to make it more compact and less likely to bend/snap.

It makes sense that if you’re in an emergency away from home you’d want the all-in-one ability to use any of the common cables and devices scattered around.

I assumed there would be lots of options, but haven’t found something obviously worthy after some quick searching. This kind of product seems ideal for a go-bag, and if we find a great one, I’ll buy and test it.

Here’s what A, Micro-B, and C look like:

Edit to add: I wasn’t aware of all the multi-headed hydra cables, like this: https://www.amazon.com/CHAFON-Multi-Cable-Micro-Charging/dp/B01DK13VZ6/

So if you’ve used those kinds of cables, share that feedback too! Seems like we can solve the same problem by having a wall-charger with only USB-A and -C, combined then with a cable with a wider range of options.


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      Most of these solutions exist as cables rather than stand alone chargers (imagine plugging your phone into a wall charger without a cable, It’d probably torque the connector and break something).

      I realize it takes up more space, but is there a reason why adding a couple of light-weight cables is not viable (you probably want/need at least one anyway), they sell cables that end in multiple shapes so you could get away with a single one even (I haven’t used this, but there are many varieties to choose from try searching for “multi usb cable”):

      for what its worth, I’ve used an older, lower powered version of this for (5-6 years?) and it hasn’t broken yet, may not fit your needs though (it has different power/amp outputs for tablets vs phones, etc):

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        Have you used this with multiple devices as the picture? Im wondering if it presents heating issues.

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        I wouldn’t take my word alone for it, but based on the reviews I don’t imagine its an issue.  Heat issues are usually a result of the power draw – if you are plugging multiple smart phones or even tablets at the same time thats probably fine and likely the designed use.  However if you try and power 1 or more laptops via USB-C off of this, it might not go so well (higher draw).

        Honestly, another thought (half joke, half serious), if a bit pricy, just buy an apple USB-C laptop charger and a multi cable.  You could literally power a laptop, or charge a phone real fast.  It also has that folding “electrical prongs” feature requested by the original post here.

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        Thanks for the lead on the cables Rich. We’re going to order the one you linked for testing. Coincidentally, we also just got a message from a company with similar products, and they’re sending these in for testing too:



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      I, too, am interested in the answer to this. I may tweet this thread and see if I can get some suggestions.

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      Although it doesn’t solve the portable kit problem, it might make sense to upgrade your home with those outlets that have USB-A plugs directly in them. That way you at least don’t need the bulky “wall wart” plug in the middle.

      I bookmarked this roundup when I was researching options. They haven’t updated since 2018 but I’d guess they will soon.


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      Have you seen this one by Chafon? I don’t know the brand too well but it comes up a lot on Reddit when people talk about multi adapters.


      I scrolled down to the questions and it sounds like it won’t do data transfer. So if you just need to charge random devices from the same outlet this is probably a good option.

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      Following up: I bought some of the mentioned cables 

      It does seem like the way to go is to have a small wall-wart (like the Anker one pictured) that can take USB-A, then combine it with a multi-headed hydra cable that can handle the common ports. I’m liking the one on the left that coils up to be compact and has a USB-C, Micro-B, and Apple plug.