Flu season almost upon us

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Got a letter from my doctor to book a flu vaccine. It’s free for me this time as I now am in the at risk age group (according to the govt) so I went online and have it booked for beginning of October. I was offered an earlier appointment, but wanted to give my body’s immune system chance to calm down after the ravages of Covid before I give it another dose of info to read. I’m also considering paying for the Pneumonia vaccine. 

Anyone else had the call yet?


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      Good morning Jenny,

      Already got my annual 2021 high octane senior citizen flu shot / jab.

      I added 2 additional factors into my timing for getting the shot/jab.

      Like you, waited a bit for my COVID vaccination to get throughout my bod … about a month … This does NOT indicate one’s personal immune system is “back to normal”.

      My additional factor 1 = selected a day when weather fine for me to drive to and from  pharma / chemist.

      Additional factor 2 = selected a time when recovery, in case of reaction, would be ideal circumstances for me.  All errands accomplished, eg well house loaded w/ salt, tree nuts opened and ready for consumption. ready for emergencies.

      My flu shot/jab was “free” – Please don’t laugh – Medicare is paid for by Tinker Bell’s magic wand.  My grandchildren must pay even though I could have purchased the vaccine just like in China.

      Medicare is one of the biggest American rackets south of Polaris. It does not cover the Shingles shot/jab and also much else. A couple of select cartels won.

      End of transmission and early AM rambling.

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        LOL, great minds, Bob, great minds. My considerations for timing my flu jab has been the same as yours. And yep, ‘free’ means paid for in another time. This is the first time the cost has been borne by the NHS, normally I pay and at £10.00 a pop, I was happy to do it. 

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      Flu jabs here have been delayed for about 2 weeks minimum due to shortage of drivers and some sort of supply problem for the tubes the vaccine comes in.