Do you include a Communication Board/Cards in your prep?

I’ve been thinking about adding communication board or cards in my Level 3 first aid kit.  Does anyone have any experience with them, and if so, what are you using?


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      That’s an interesting idea. I’ve previously heard of communication boards for people with communication disorders or for pets. If anyone in your household uses AAC regularly, then having a reliable backup for that is very high priority. But it could also be helpful for communicating with someone who speaks a different language or who is temporarily nonverbal due to injury. Which scenario are you most focused on?

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        No specific scenario in mind.  My rationale for keeping it in my L3 FAK is that it’s more likely to be there when I need it, but I could just as easily keep it in my BOB.  There were times as a DR team member when I could have really used a visual reference to help communicate with a variety of folks.  There’s a number of immigrants that speak something other than Spanish so it’s not a matter of learning a second (or third) language.  And not just non-English speaking folks, but children, elderly, and deaf/hearing impaired.  It can get wild at times, almost like Pictonary or Charades.

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        It sounds like a great idea. The challenge is choosing the vocabulary to match the scenario. These communication boards, for example, look good for first aid. But they wouldn’t help as much for a discussion on food/shelter/evacuation.

        Medical Communication Board

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      Found a previously great page of resources about AAC for disaster response. Lots of broken links now but might be a good starting point to find some of these resources.