COVID-19 vaccine passport


Good morning,

It’s for domestic use also.

This “document” is the future. The reports say it’s already required for some restaurants.

From what I understand, it now requires a third shot/jab.

I seek the passport for actual travel overseas.

Do note this “passport” effectively defeats much of the terrorists efforts in re their plans to do harm to our society.

All this is in development.  Recommend continue to think about this program. Wouldn’t be shocked if Walmart and other big box stores starts to require vaccine passports.


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      no thanks, I wont take the experimental non vaccine so no passport for me.

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        Good afternoon Lonewolf,

        From what I understand the 3 brands of COVID vaccine were not “experimental” in the usual sense of the word.

        They were tested more than the annual flu shot/jab we get here every season.

        What “experimental” did was allow the 3 pharma companies not to be required to purchase liability insurance. With the label “experimental”, the US Government absorbed the risk – and this was easy. Very recently, the USG exempted itself by legislation just for these COVID shots/jabs.

        Sidebar: Were you born near the original Jaegar wool fabric company ? I’m trying to keep my records up to date.  I do recognize the screen name. Recall that your late father was a Yank in one of the American aviation orgs in UK. Are you same person ? Thanks in advance.

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        I lived in the same city as a certain Jaegar factory, now long gone.

        my BIRTH father was an American G.I. but I never knew him.

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        Good afternoon Lonewolf,

        Just read this now, 21 Sep.

        Thank you.

        You’ve got my  support in your prepper arrangements.

        ~ Bob

        Inventer /deveoper of prag knot.

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        I don’t know much about the passports but my family and I are part of the testing for a non-RNA experimental vaccine. I am pretty close to the R&D folks and receive a lot of the regulatory data as part of the study.

        It is very much a vaccine and at least this one is made in the traditional way and it works. I’m happy to share more info if you’re open to hearing how the sausage gets made. 

        The EUA vaccines are part of the Federal countermeasures program which does limit one’s remedy in the rare event of injuries. I say rare because the folks who were a few months ahead of me in the development cycle agreed to get dosed with about 5x the normal amount to test for toxicity and they’re still alive and kicking. 

        As strange as it sounds, the best way to ensure the drugmakers have to support you if something goes wrong is to enroll in the trial. You and the company both sign a legally binding contract where they have a fiduciary duty to provide free medical care to fix whatever happens. 

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        Now that does make sense, GMTII, have them protect their guinea pigs, so long as you’re able to have some say in what aspect of the trial you participate in, such as not being in the toxicity group you mentioned. 😬

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      My wife and I are fully vaccinated (at least for now), but I refuse to go along with a system like this. I saw Patti Smith is playing in Nashville this fall, and I was excited because she’s one of my favorite musicians. Then I saw that you need proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to enter and said “no thanks.”

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        It’s nice that we currently have the option to pick and choose attending events like this where we can go or not, but one day in the future, like Bob mentioned, it may be required to enter a store to get groceries. 

        Or what about your employer of 7 years that now requires a scan of your vaccination card to continue working with them? 

        I am fully vaccinated as well, but don’t feel right about having a scannable QR code on an app on my phone that I am going to have to show everywhere I go. They probably do have good intentions, but the tinfoil hat I sometimes wear is wondering if they are tracking and logging every place that scans me. I already have Google and my cell phone provider doing that, I don’t want to keep adding more points of data.

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        Regardless of how you feel about vaccine passports, I think it’s a good idea to localize your supply chain as much as possible. We have relationships with farmers, ranchers, and various local producers so we can get much of what we need without walking into a store. We’ve also pivoted toward shopping more at local businesses.

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        We are looking into localizing more of our food as well. We already get our beef from a local rancher and are scouting out farmers markets and local farms where we can buy produce. It may be more expensive than the large grocery store, but it will be healthier and promote that kind of industry in our area. So I totally agree with Josh’s view point here, but hadn’t thought about the benefit of being able to shop there if other stores are restrictive or in accessible.

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        Oregon just announced that all healthcare workers and all teachers and support staff that interact with kids in the schools are required to be vaccinated.  No exceptions, no regular rapid testing as an alternative.  So your scenario is no longer theoretical.

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      My wife and I are vaccinated.  I’ve had two shots and she just got her third.  Passport sounds good to me.

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        Is the third just recommended for those with a higher risk level now or for everyone? I can’t  keep up with it all.

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        I think its for anyone over 50 or at risk at least thats what they are saying over here.

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        Good afternoon Conrad B,

        I believe the third shot/jab is a requirement to all seeking the COVID passport – at least for international air travel.

        Related to this is the medical news … does not mean it is correct … that after ~ 6 months the vaccinated need a booster since the originial stuff is losing its ability to immunize one against the threats to immune system.

        Stay tuned – or better yet – follow the stockmarket prices of these companies. War profiteers can now be considered just business personalities helping to win the war.

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        My understanding is right now, only folks with a compromised immune system can get the 3rd shot.  Soon it will open up to others.  They originally stated 8 months after vaccination but I think it is switching to 6 months.

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        I’m an RN in the states.  The booster is now approved for everyone, and current information is to get it 8 months after your second shot. Immunocompromized folks (on immune supressive medications or chemo) can get it now. It’s for Moderna and Pfeizer only, still researching the J&J. (was just looking for a resource and saw a news article that states they may make it 6 months, but that hasn’t happened yet).  It starts in September.  As a healthcare worker I got my first shot last December, which puts me way outside the 6 month window, so I hope I’m still protected.

        I can’t find the graph, (was gonna share it here) but the studies of the antibody response after the third shot  shows it doesn’t just keep you protected. Antibody rates after the third shot go waaay off the charts to something like 3 times the antibodies you had after the second shot.  So it’s worth considering. Delta attacks quickly and vaccinated people can carry and spread it, so the more the better.

        As a prepper, not getting a booster while it’s available feels like bad planning to me. If something catastophic happens in the meantime and vaccine distributions get cancelled or put on hold, I want to be as protected for as long as I can be.  Just like the advice to take care of your basic health maintenance needs and keep a sizable stock of your necessary medications so you are healthy enough to survive for as long as possible. 

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        Thank you for the inside knowledge. I especially like your last paragraph about how we should get this while it is free and available before something catastrophic happens. Just makes total sense.

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        Yes, thanks Courtney, for that informative & reasonable response!

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        Now it’s for everyone.  See my reply below.

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      covid passports have been scrapped in the UK, for now anyway.

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      I haven’t seen or heard of any vaccine passport here in my state. Does anyone have one in their community that is recommended or mandatory?

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        Good evening Mike,

        Major discussions and testing are ongoing now for use troughout the fruited plain.

        Especially for air travel, there’s a “passport” with vaccination information in some format loaded into some electronic gadget like a smartphone.

        So far, no mention of any requirement but airlines require proof of vaccination … especially if route’s destination is a foreign location.

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        Travel Pulse .com has an article on passport development.

        Couldn’t link article after a few tries.

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        Great website Bob! There seems to be multiple articles about vaccine passports in the US, Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands. I was able to make a link, so hopefully it’s helpful to someone else: https://www.travelpulse.com/more/?search=passport

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      We were given a card with both vaccination dates on it. The nurse who gave me my second dose suggested I take a photo to keep on my phone. In NZ vaccinations are rising, but I think that is due to the lockdown. It was a big wakeup call.