Costco issue warning of shortage, Fox says stock up


Could see panic buying again unfortunately

its a similar issue in the UK.


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      Looks like my fears are coming true AGAIN, The fools at the BBC and Sky this morning hyped up a story about a very localised and very small scale shortage of tanker drivers, was blown out of all proportion and has let to panic buying in some places. EG 20 minute waits at both our local service stations.

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        Seems like this has been a recurring theme especially lately. The news blows something out of proportion or doesn’t do their research and throws in a eye catching clickbait headline for good measure -> their ratings and views go up -> their profits go up -> causes quite a lot of panic, emotional stress, economic stress, and even sometimes death to everyone else.

        I’m all for freedom of the press and speech, but don’t like how the new’s can so easily manipulate and affect society. 

        I’m a rather bubbly and happy girl most of the time, but it saddens my heart to see some of the stresses that have been caused in my life, the lives of my family, and society in general by people trying to make money.

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        i’m a told 100% supporter of FREEDOM OF SPEECH and EXPRESSION, but I do believe the media should be held legally acountable when their broadcasts cause fear, panic or alarm. Freedom of speech HAS to come with being RESPONSIBLE for what you say, like shouting FIRE in a crowded theatre.

        You should have seen the panic in Paris France only a short while ago when the media repeated a lie that the city was going into lockdown again.

        Paris train station

        Any train out of Paris 29 10 2020 (Large)

        Paris ring road three hours after the false story

        Fleeing Paris 430 miles of Jams.  2020

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        Whew! (sigh of relief)… Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this. 

        My personal belief is that news channels will be careful with what they present to the world if they were held accountable for their actions. So for example, if they come out and tell everyone to bathe in drain cleaner to cure covid and people are getting poisoned and burned, they should be responsible for a percentage of that person’s medical bills. Or in that road ring example you shared above, if it causes a government tens of thousands in man power to clear up the mess that the news channel caused, then they should reimburse the government a portion of what it took them to do that.

        It’ll never happen, but that’s what President Alisa would consider implementing. It really does take it’s toll on people to be in that state of panic and confusion all the time.

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        Facebook has been a notorious hive where people share misinformation either intentionally or by mistake and ignorance. 

        But I saw a ray of light on there today. On a prepping group that I follow it blurred out a link to a video and flagged it as false information. It still lets you see the content but just warns you that their fact-checkers have deemed it to be false. I think that is a great blend of allowing people to say and post what they want, but also to inform and warn others who don’t want to see things that may be misleading. Good on ya Facebook! You haven’t done much good recently, but this is a step in the right direction.

        Screenshot from 2021-09-24 13-41-58

        You can already tell that this might be suspicious of false information based off of the title “Navy Surgeon sounds the alarm”. They make sure to mention the military branch and a prestigious career to try and add credibility and urgency, but it all just sounds like a clickbaity headline trying to draw people in. Also the most common reaction by the emojis in the corner is the shocked face dude, meaning that the poster got what he wanted by shocking people. 

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        Definately a positive step by that FB group.

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      Gets up this AM turns on the TV and …… yes mass panic buying of fuel for vehicles across the UK as the hysteria over a small localised fuel delivery issue was blown out of all proportion, Mass selfishness on display along with irrational behaviour. and its spreading from fuel deliveries to panic buying in shops.

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      Good morning Bill,

      There are shortages here in the upstart colonies also.

      Since so many are “low tech” eg frozen pizza, am of the opinion they are induced shortages to mold public opinion.

      The “media” is a broad umbrella term. There is a huge section that works opinion-molding.

      Since January, 1950 we’re YOYO – “You’re On Your Own”. Jan ’50 is when we lost George Orwell (Arthur Blair).

      SIDEBAR: What’s the brand name of that Brit beer sold in thimbles ? It takes about 15 to make a full can of beer and a large ocean vessel to make an Aussie can of brew ! Thanks in advance.

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        You have me on the beer in Thimbles Bob, i’ve never hear of it

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        Appreciatr effort, Bill.  Thanks.

        Manchester guy here (now a Yank) said I might be thinking of “Barrister Bitter” or “Betsy” (heavy airline use).

        All this stuff not critical for us preppers.