Best fire extinguisher for your home and vehicle

The best models to keep around for common home and vehicle fires.

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      Have any of you reviewed or used blaze defense products? They are getting popular in military units and among high end preppers. I have heard a lot about it and was hoping to find a review to put it in a preppers perspective.

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      I looked into getting the top-recommended first alert brand (which links to amazon, not the manufacturer) and there seems to be a consistent problem with customers being sent the wrong version, or sent empty or faulty products. Returns are not accepted. When customers follow up with first alert, they will do nothing to stand behind their product. The rest of the info in this review was great and informative, but I felt the need to point out the flaws in your 1st choice results before someone invests in a product that won’t stand up in an emergency when they need it most.

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        Hello E9H,

        Thanks for the intel. We constantly play whack-a-mole with bad sellers and inconsistencies on Amazon, so now that you’ve pointed this out, we’ll look into it and adjust.

        Thomas Gomez

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      When my mom passed and I moved into her house, I didn’t even think to check the fire extinguishers. When it finally occurred to me, I realized that the tiny one in the kitchen was the only one she had. I hate comparison shopping so it was great that you guy did it for me! I got 3, one for the basement, one for the garage and one for the kitchen. 

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        Glad you found it helpful! And I hope you were able to get them without too many shipping delays. 

        Are you tackling any other projects?