Best field knife sheaths and accessories

The right sheath is a big part of any good field knife. We break it down and share some favorites.

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      Depending on the profile of the sheath, sometimes I use a piece of bicycle inner tube to hold a small stone or ferro rod to the sheath.

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      I tend to carry a bit more equipment than most guys but that’s me. I am not big on keeping lanyards on my knifes, although, I have a place for them on all my knives so I can add and remove them. I remove them because I have had knives yanked off me by the loose lanyard. I do keep a lanyard on my pistol in case it gets knocked out of my hand I can pull it back to me quickly.

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      You emphasize never storing a blade in a leather sheath.  I have a Buck 105 Pathfinder purchased in 1971 and stored in its leather sheath ever since.  In fact, it is on its second sheath, the first having worn out.  the blade is absolutely without blemish or corrosion of any sort…