Article: “The M.R.E. Finds a Civilian Fan Base”

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In Wednesday’s 9 June 21 New York Times, the Food Section leads off with an article about M.R.E.s.  by Priva Krishna. I can’t link article because it’s paywalled.  I can guess in a few days, it will be on a web search enging.  

It’s a light-reading article leading with a large picture of various components to include the heater.

Intro para startes with mention of a store in Gainesville, Georgia (ATTN: Dog Lover and TITW) that had substantial business expansion due the pandemic.

A couple of good points for research if a student of MREs;

There is a Defense Combat Feeding Division in Natick, Massachuettes.  Sometimes these organizations have well=established public information offices where inquiries can be made for your research.

Some of the packed foods in the pouches get an additional infusion of vitamins and minerals and etc.  The beef jerky is fortified with caffine and “the applesauce contains maltodextrin, which provides and energy boost”.

“and the flameless ration heater”

For the record, I don’t stock MREs.  My foods are tailored to involve different and frequently changing scenarios. Honey, coffee, espresso and chocolate are my base survival foods.

Also for the record, the flameless ration heater doesn’t substitute for coffee-making.


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      I was reading The Prepared’s latest news roundup and they mentioned this article as well. I clicked on the link that they shared, but you are right it is behind a paywall. Hopefully you can update us with a non-paywall link when it comes available.