Article, Pacific NW disaster in the making


A truly apocalyptic nightmare coming to pass.


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      It’s heartbreaking. I grew up fishing for salmon here in Oregon. I remember my mom canning it and that salmon carrying us through lean times (along with venison and many fruits and vegetables she canned). One of my greatest regrets is not learning the process from her, my aunt, and my grandmother. Being a bit of a tomboy, I was always more interested in hunting and fishing with the boys. 

      The stories coming out of the Klamath Basin this last summer were definitely on an apocalyptic scale. Wells dry, fish and birds dead, cattle starving, fires destroying the lives built there. A century of history showing the mismanagement of the Klamath Basin area by the government is absolutely disgusting. My heart goes out to all of the people living there and displaced from there. I fear this calamity is spreading north through the state though and we are beyond the point of stopping it. 

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      Hola Bill.

      That is sad to hear.