Flooding in New Zealand causing evacuations and road closures

This weekend the metservice put out a Red Warning (definition below). A state of emergency was declared.

Red Warning – When an event is expected to be among the worst that we get – it will have significant impact and it is possible that a lot of people will be affected.During a Red Warning, Act now!  Immediate action is required to protect property, people and animals from the impact of the weather. People should also be prepared to follow the advice of official authorities and emergency services. 




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      Good afternoon LBV,

      Had been following…..

      Those prepared will remain around and thrive, statistically speaking.

      Those not prepared will fill up the pie chart with the sad – but usual – briefing news.

      Multiple disasters are well known and understood by the Emergency Management folks. Just like the States, it’s really about the citizenry not wanting to pay for the preventive and response requirements.  Won’t even mention the recovery !

      Glad to learn you’re AOK.

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        I’m in the North Island, so we’ll away from the affected area, but I have family down that way.

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      Thank you for sharing this breaking news. I hope that everyone affected by the floods are able to remain safe and recover soon. 

      I edited the title of this post to hopefully make the point of the post clearer for other people. You’re welcome to edit it more.

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        No problems with that.

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      LBV, do you feel New Zealand is more prone area to natural disasters? They seem to be going through a lot whenever I hear about them on the news.

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        Thats hard to say? NZ is a small country, we tend not to make the news overseas.  As I mentioned above, there was a warning, one that is rarely given. It was classed as a once in 100 year event, but those events do seem to be happening more often.  I think that is linked to climate change, that is having an effect. As we are a series of islands we do get very changeable weather. Also, living on the Ring of Fire we have both earthquakes and volcanos.