The new Water Essentials video course is live

The online course for water prepping and survival is now live. Taught by me (founder of The Prepared) and Jessie Krebs, a former Air Force SERE instructor who now teaches civilians through SERE Training. You’ll get all the essentials you need to handle water in almost any kind of emergency scenario.

If you preordered, all you need to do is click the link in your order email or go to the course page.

Due to Covid delays, most of the lessons are up now, but two videos will be released by this weekend and the final two in the back half of January.

At $49, you’ll learn more than you would at an in-person multi-day course that costs up to 10 times as much! Plus you’ll see a wider range of climates and gear than you would at a typical course, without the wasted downtime, travel, or being out in the field.

This is the first major video course we’ve done, so we’re excited to hear your feedback and ideas on how it could get better. We’ve bought and tried every other online water survival course we could find, and humbly believe The Prepared’s is already the best course on the internet — but we’re still looking forward to making it better, especially when Covid isn’t making filming much more difficult.