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Sneak peek of whole new TP website launching soon

Excited to finally share that we've rebuilt TP from scratch, and I wanted to share a preview and some of our thinking. You won't need to do anything. Edit: Originally thought we'd launch Dec 1, but the person building the website got sick with the 'tripledemic', so it'll be January at earliest.  Context: I started TP as a weekend side project, thinking it would only ever be me blogging my thoughts at small scale. That's why I launched it on WordPress, which is a great off-the-shelf tool f

Review: Steambow Stinger 2 “AR-6” repeating mini crossbow

Austrian company Steambow recently released the Stinger 2 AR-6 pistol crossbow and sent me a review sample. The basics: $330 street price 2.6 lbs 22-25 inches long (25 with stock extended), 17 inches wide at limbs 6 bolt magazine capacity Picatinny mounting rails and AR-15 stocks/furniture 55 pound limbs (the arms that bend when cocked) that produce 180 feet per second shots with 5 inches of penetration in ballistic gel at short range Optional “pro” limbs at 90 pound d

Interview: former Reddit CEO and Terraformation founder Yishan Wong on planting a trillion trees and the value of community

The startup Terraformation recently raised $30M as part of its quest to solve the climate crisis by rapidly reforesting 3 billion acres --- which is more land than the entire US! Founder Yishan Wong, the former CEO of Reddit and an early employee at Facebook and PayPal, talked with us about his new project and what he's learned that could be helpful for you and your community as we all try to prevent our planet from dying. Quick intro clip on Terraformation:

Review: I installed a PurpleAir personal Air Quality Index meter that helps the public with open data

This is a guest post from community member Rick Ryder.  Like most places around the western US, every year my area seems to get worse with wildfires and the resulting smoke that blocks out the sky. I live off-grid in Eastern Washington, in an area firefighters refer to as a Wildland Urban Interface (WUI; pronounced woo-ee) where the forests start to meet developed areas. In what I fear is a new normal, the constant particulates in the air from fires (and other sources of pollution, such a

New statistics on modern prepper demographics from FEMA and Cornell

Edit Nov 2022: Here's the latest survey data from 2020. Whenever we do mainstream press --- such as this recent interview with our founder on NPR’s 1A national talk show --- we’re inevitably asked to define preppers in terms of demographics like age or politics. As TP readers know, there’s no such thing as a “stereotypical prepper," and thankfully so. Gone are the days when this community was characterized as extremists on the edges of the bell curve. But because this market/com


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