Review: “Blackout” Podcast

I went into “Blackout” with high hopes. Academy Award winner Rami Malek’s new podcast about a family struggling to survive a national grid-down in the middle of winter in New Hampshire seemed tailor made for me. I loved Malek in “Mr. Robot”, and threats to the electrical grid are one of the main beats I

New federal court ruling protects data privacy for travelers

Data privacy is a concern to many preppers, and some even take measures — like traveling with a burner phone or laptop — to prevent border authorities from rummaging through their devices when traveling internationally. In recent years, some have even referred to the US border as a “constitution-free zone” because citizens returning home, such

Cheap “Rambo knives” are dangerous, but good ones do exist

Hollow-handled “Rambo” knives are one of those common purchases people pick up on the cheap. Maybe they saw some positive reviews on Amazon and thought to themselves, “it’s only $10, so even if it’s not great and doesn’t last, no biggie.” But those knives are dangerous and shouldn’t even be used as a “beater” or

Six of the nine core counties for America’s food supply are burning

A new paper published in the journal Environmental Research Letters maps the flow of food (both domestically produced and imported) between US counties, identifying nine “core counties for the US food supply” that are the most critical nodes in our food distribution network. The authors write that “a disruption to any of these counties may

Expanding the blog and new community features

Summary: We’re blogging more often (what would you like us to cover?) and removed Disqus for on-site comments (you’ll now have an account directly with TP). Since launching, The Prepared has focused on deep, detailed articles around topics like gear reviews, survival skills, beginner checklists, and emergency scenario guides. We spend time testing products, interviewing

Aporkalypse Now: snipers, drones, and a nasty disease

It’s like something out of a movie: Korea deploys snipers and drones to its borders to stop the infected from entering and spreading a disease that alarmed scientists estimate will wipe out fully one quarter of the global population… of pigs. African swine fever is threatening the world’s protein supply, in what the World Organization