WHO report, Pulitzer Prize winner warn on the next global pandemic

A new group called the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, working under the auspices of the World Health Organization and the World Bank, has released a dire report warning that the world is woefully unprepared for the next global pandemic. Some highlights (or, lowlights, rather): “The world is not prepared for a fast-moving, virulent respiratory pathogen

Jonathan Franzen, Doomsday Prepper

If you’ve logged onto the internet this morning, you’ve no doubt seen novelist Jonathan Franzen’s big climate essay in the New Yorker making the rounds. The piece is being shared widely in prepper forums, but before you pile on and click “share” you should know that Franzen is getting a lot of strongly negative reactions

2019 Amazon Prime Day deals

We’re refreshing our computers all day Monday and Tuesday (July 15-16, 2019) to track the best Amazon Prime Day deals that might be relevant to preppers. Walmart and eBay are also running some “we exist too!” deals that we’ll keep an eye on. This post will be constantly updated as new deals go live, including

Russian roulette with the sun: An interview with John Kappenman

As part of our research for the guide to understanding electromagnetic pulse threats (a great place to start if you’re new to EMPs), I had the chance to interview John Kappenman, a notable expert from the think tank Metatech. I discovered Kappenman’s work pretty quickly because his models are cited in multiple government reports and form