News roundup for Tue, Sep 06, 2022

In short:
  • Tropical Storm Earl is expected to form into a hurricane later this week.
  • Russia has halted gas supplies to Europe indefinitely.
  • World food prices dropped for the fifth consecutive month.
National Preparedness Month Challenge

Each Tuesday and Friday throughout September, the news roundups will feature a section of TP’s beginner’s checklist and introduce a conversation topic and/or a challenge. After reading the highlighted section in the roundup, follow the instructions, and join us on Discord to discuss and get support. Read the introductory post and the previous topic here.

Today’s topic: Money & Health.

Medical issues and financial difficulties are the most likely disruptions you’ll face in your lifetime, and since you’re a sane prepper, you prioritize the most likely emergencies first. You should not spend any money on gear/supplies beyond the essentials (eg. two weeks of water in your home) without first having core financial preps such as a rainy day fund, debt-reduction plan, and retirement savings.

1. Read the short section about money and health here.

2. Pick one exercise and finance challenge from the list below to work on over the next few days:


  • It takes 2-3 weeks to create a habit. Do some kind of exercise every day for the rest of the month. It doesn’t matter what you do or for how long: just move!
  • Read TP’s guide on Physical fitness for preppers.
  • Go on a short hike or walk with your bug out bag to get used to the weight.
  • Get up from your desk every 30 minutes and move around.
  • Try a free week at a gym or karate dojo. Bonus points for learning a martial art that helps you both stay in shape as well as teach weaponless self-defense.


  • Set up a budget. Maybe use an app like You Need A Budget. Read more about how community member MariaC uses YNAB to take control of her finances.
  • Look at your accounts and check how much you have and where your money is allocated.
  • How many months would you be able to live off of your rainy day fund? Set a plan and increase that number month by month by following this guide.
  • Look through your expenses and pick one thing to cut out. Music, streaming subscription, eating out, etc.
  • Do you really need five credit cards? See if you can pay off and close one out. It’s easier to manage and you’ll have fewer chances of forgetting to pay one off and getting charged interests.

3. Head over to Discord for support and to join the conversation anytime Tuesday after 1 pm ET.

Economy, energy, food security

World food prices dropped for the fifth consecutive month.

Pakistan is facing a food crisis after the floods inundated fields, destroyed crops, and killed livestock. UN food aid to Afghanistan, transported through Pakistan, could be affected.

Gasoline prices are expected to continue to fall after Labor Day, and some states could see prices below $3. Gas prices could change at any time, especially if hurricanes hit the Gulf Coast or oil prices spike:

Covid relief money is being used by several US universities to offer free bus passes, gas cards, and clothing to students struggling with high inflation.

An ongoing heat wave will likely lead to more power outages in California in the coming days. Energy officials and power companies have been urging people to use less power between 4 – 9 pm by keeping air conditioners at 78 F (25.5 C) or higher and avoiding using major appliances like ovens and dishwashers. A record heatwave has also been straining Japan’s power grid.

Moscow says it won’t resume gas supplies to Europe until sanctions are lifted. The announcement came just hours after the G7 announced a cap on Russian oil exports. The invasion is still not going according to Putin’s plan, and analysts believe the Kremlin is hoping record energy prices and food shortages this winter will push Europe to force Ukraine into a truce. Gas prices surged more than 35% after the shutdown. As Russia chokes Europe’s gas, France enters an era of energy ‘sobriety.’ Sweden is prepared to bail out Nordic and Baltic energy companies. Italians are relying on candlelight to keep prices down:

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in Ukraine has lost its last main power line and is now relying on a reserve line to supply power. Zaporizhzhia accounts for nearly half of the total electricity generated by Ukraine’s nuclear power plants and one-fifth of the country’s annual electricity production:

Sweden is the latest to look at EV charging roads. Italy was apparently the first, and Michigan will have its own by 2025:

Here’s a list of every electric vehicle that qualifies for the current and upcoming US federal tax credit.

Climate change, environment, extreme weather

Tropical Strom Earl is expected to form into a hurricane later this week. Danielle, the first named storm of the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane season, is forecast to weaken through mid-week and could bring some rain to western Europe next weekend. There were no named Atlantic storms in August 2022, the first time it happened in 25 years.

Click the image for the latest forecast. Via NHC

How are your hurricane preps going along? Use the checklist in our hurricane guide to find out if you need to get some last-minute preps in.

South Korea closed schools and canceled flights in preparation for Typhoon HinnamnorThe storm is expected to be one of the strongest ever to make landfall in the country and is predicted to hit the coast around southeastern Busan.

The Mill Fire in California left two dead, and residents are under evacuation orders. The fire burned 4,263 acres and about 40% contained.

Nearly 50 million people in the US are currently under heat alerts, including over 40 million under an excessive heat warning:

Indiana, Georgia, Alabama, and Ohio are dealing with flash floods. Georgia declared a state of emergency.

Southern California went from 104F to wind, hail, and rain:

Jackson, Mississippi, is still without safe drinking water.  Most residents have had their water pressure restored, but some still have boil water advisories.

What can you do to prepare for water disruptions:

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck China and killed at least 45 people, triggering landslides:

Via CBS News

Here is our guide on preparing for and surviving earthquakes and related discussions.

The US will plug more than 10,000 abandoned carbon-emitting oil and gas wells in 24 states.

Opinion: Europe was once green and water-rich. Now, it’s more and more like California. 64% of the continent is either facing drought or in imminent danger of it.

The rest

D.C. is the latest to report a decline in monkeypox cases. Great news and likely a sign that vaccination campaigns (as flawed as they are) are making an impact.

A mysterious pneumonia outbreak that killed four in Argentina and sickened 11 is probably Legionella pneumophila.

Bridgestone will get the rubber for their tires from the Guayule plant that grows in the desert and doesn’t require irrigation.

In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments; there are consequences.R.G. Ingersoll


    • Sbesch

      “Do you really need five credit cards? See if you can pay off and close one out.”

      While I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of reducing your debt level, I’d check with a financial advisor before closing any credit card accounts.  Your credit score is largely determined by the proportion of your outstanding balance to your available balance. Closing a credit card account reduces your available balance, so that computation would suddenly make it look like you’re closer to being “maxed out”, even though your overall debt total is lower.  By all means, pay off your credit cards, but consider leaving the account open and just keeping the unused card in a secure location to avoid taking a hit to your score (and to have more funds available for a future emergency, if needed).

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      • sewknot Sbesch

        If you want to keep your account open but don’t trust yourself not to spend on the card – put the card in a plastic tub fill with water and freeze it – that way if you need to use the card you still have it but your going to want to REALLY need it!

        (Tip from a money saving forum – obvs you need to not have the details stored on your devices)

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