FEMA issues new shelter-in-place booklet for a range of situations

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recently published a pamphlet offering shelter-in-place advice for several preparedness scenarios: active shooters, chemical hazards, earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, nuclear events, pandemics, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and winter storms. They also offer tips for different dwellings, like individual homes, mobile homes, and apartment buildings.

It’s written for a broad and very-unprepared audience, so it’s basic for most TP readers. But thanks to community member Bob for pointing it out — if nothing else, it’s good to see what our governments are doing (or not) to improve this community.

The pamphlet was produced by FEMA’s Individual and Community Preparedness Division, which specializes in helping you prepare for emergencies. Below are a few examples, or you can download the whole thing yourself.

Some of the key takeaways that you’ll notice are a pattern across most situations:

  • The ability to listen in to emergency broadcasts and weather reports is emphasized. The most reliable communication medium in most situations is radio, so an emergency radio or ham radio is a good investment.
  • Try to be more situationally aware of things like possible exits when going inside of a public building.
  • In the event of outdoor air contamination like chemical or nuclear situations, close and lock windows and doors, and be ready to seal windows and doors with tape and plastic.
  • Store water in case of a chemical attack or spill.
  • In case of flooding, get to the topmost floor that isn’t a closed-off attic.
  • When using a generator, keep it well away from dwellings and air intakes.

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Shelter in place for active shooter

Chemical instructions

Earthquake instructions

Flooding instructions

Hurricane instructions

Nuclear instructions

Pandemic instructions

Thunderstorm instructions

Tornado instructions

Winter storm instructions

Mobile home instructions

1- or 2-story building instructions

Multistory building instructions

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