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      What do you think about using benzalkonium (BKA) wipes and/or Neosporin or other “triple” antibiotic ointments ?

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        Perfect timing on the question! We address this in our new dressing and bandaging “how to”: https://theprepared.com/sur…

        Basically we want to stay away from any sort of chemical cleaners, and just use clean water.

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        Your link on bandaging is no longer available.  I recently got a pretty severe dog bite.  After doing quite a bite of online research I took care of it myself just like you described .  I read about “hydrogel bandages” and that is what I used on all my ragged deep cuts and punctures.  They kept my wounds moist in a good way and I never had any issues. Antibiotics were never taken by me and I had no real scars.  These somewhat newer bandaids are amazing for healing.  Any comments on your end?  I asked a ER doctor about them and he did not know what I was talking about.

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        Good catch on the link–it should now be working!

        Hydrogel bandages are definitely great for keeping a wound at the right level of “moist”, and are really great for wounds that have dried out a bit.  The only real downside is the cost–they can get pricey, especially for larger bandages.

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      Glad they mentioned for home treatment not to apply hydrogen peroxide. Extends healing time so long and can put you at larger risk for infection with opened wounds due to the fact it usually kills the surrounding skin and may lead to that skin needing to removed to ensure bacteria pockets arent forming. I will

      attest though. When flushing only use clean water as warm as you can handle preferred. But,when rubbing the skin surrounding an open wound that is healthy but red from the irritation or infection at the site of the wound, you can use isopropyl alcohol to prevent bacteria on the surface (be aware however the isopropyl dries the skin if applies to often). aloe and coconut oil are also antibacterial in nature and can be applied but shoild be washed off when flushing as the thickness of these rubs can clog pores if left for too long and we want to make sure we are opening pores as wide as possible surrounding especially an infected wound( this is why hot compresses and direct flushing with the warmest water you can stand is recommended.

      Now for the parts to make me sound crazy. Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, honey(especially is you can get manuka) , pomegranate, And goldenseal are going to be your best friends during a “i live in anerica and have no helath insurance, money for the doctor, and i cant look ar an ER BILL” infecton.

      apple cider vinegar-contains acetic acid which has been shown in multiple studies to be antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. You can use the liquid,which most store brands are prediluted to 5% acidity, as a topical agen for fighting bacteria, and as crazy as it sounds because its diluted with distilled water, as long as you have an oral syrings and a cotton ball to filter the sediments it can be used to help flush an open wound, even a puncture, as its antibacterial properties and all around safe profile can help to lower colonization of bacteria. They also make a concentrated powder now that suggest 1 serving, however, you can take 1200mg in the am and 1200mg in the pm to keep some of its properties in the blood in case a serious infection tries to move in.

      Garlic and Honey both have antibiotic properties. Garlic, not just properties, contain an antibiotic itself Allicin which fights toxicity and parasitic bacteria. You can go for taking cloves straight with some vitamin c rich juice. However many sites sell the extract for very cheap and while their claims for it to help with crazy thing lke diabetes, blood pressure, and etc. i cant attest to. The fact that it is a cheap non prescription needed antibiotic is an aid whether or not it is is very effective it certainly wont hurt.

      honey: especially the treasures manuka honey. Raw Unfiltered honey preferred. When eaten in a moderate qauntity (2 tablespoons twice a day) produces an enzyme that has both antioxidizing and antibiotic properties as well as it enables the body to naturally release amounts of peroxide (yes the human body can release hydrogen peroxide!) even though debribing an open wound with large amounts of H. peroxide can cause issues with healing and a chemical burn, small amounts being released via bloodstream will help to fight infection and bacteria growth.

      Goldenseal is a natural supplement you can pick up at almost an store wirh a supplement and medicine section.  It has a ton of benefits that have plenty of evidence and is known to aid in fighting bacterial infections considering it is a literal antibiotic it  has a list of things it can aid in fighting namely staph.

      Pomegranate: while drinking pomegranate juice has its benefits, youre gonna want to actually get the full fruit on this one or there might be extract by now, im actually not aware. However the seeds of the pomegranate are said  to contain all 3 agents of : anti-bacterial, anti-biotic, and anti-viral.

      doubling your dailly vitamin c dose isnt a bad idea.

      any vitamins or supplements that promote healthy blood levels, skin, immune system, and natural antiodxidants  could be beneficial as long as you research and make sure they arent a low reviewed product.

      i personally had folliculitis from a group of ingrown hairs that, because of my dumbd decisions, developed into an open puncture wound with skin damaged by peroxide.
      ive had staph before and so im a carrier and Im sure it was staph however in the original puncture i pulled the core out i believe. The first day of using neosporin, alcohol, and peroxide proved only to make jt worse and i was forming what looked like peripheral cellulitis. After hours of research, i was surpised i had most of the natural remedies on hand even though i didnt know if i trusted their effectivity. The first 4 hours after using app cider vinegar, anti-bacterial soap, and the warmest water i could handle on a shower head; The area that seemed be cellulitis was dissapearing and the wound itself wasnt warm to the touch nor did it hurt really, as well as swelling and redness had gone down, and the areas of damaged skin from the peroxide were seeming to form a well built scab. The next day i took a clove of garlic and broke off pieces over the day and took them like pills with pomergranate juice. I also took azo cranberry pils, 1200 mg apple cider vinegar, vitamin e, and asprin. I would wipe the infected area twice daily with isopropyl alcohol and apple cider vinegar, then after letting them soak in and dry i would flush the wound with the  vinegar then take a hot shower using non-scented antibacterial soap and  putting the shower head gradually as hot as i could closer too the area till it wouldnt hurt and then id make it hotter. Once out of the shower i would dry the wound apply a topical antiobiotic and leave it alone until the next cleaning. I made sure i was eating good foods with loads of antioxidants and vitamins. By day 7 all i had was a tiny scab maybe the size of 3 matcheads. No depth, no tenderness or redness. Fever was checked daily.

      this is all of course just circumstances and proper research into possible home remedies. If you have access to healthcare and have fever or any signs of necrotized skin (black skin with a horrible odor) or very large soft abscesses that havent brought to a head or been drained. Seek medical attention promptly as last time I had staph I lost a chunk of tissue and muscle in each of my thighs both the size of an ice cream scoop. One had abscessed and not came to a head and i had it lanced to hear my doctor say “ive never seen purulent so brown and thick” .

      while i was worried more about the right thigh which had a small nlack dot and an open wound and was draining large amounts of milky brown pink purulent.

      woke up 2 days after being on oral antibiotics and the right legs small black dot was the size of a qaurter and stinging and leaking purulent nonstop. So I checked myself into the ER. Two abscesses removed litterally 2-3 inches deep on one side it had dissolved an area of muscle and you could see the tissues just above the bone. The other a bit strange, smaller but it had require the doctors to slice into a nerve wich was insanely painful.

      i missed 12 days of work no pay

      owed the ER $5k with insurance and thats just for the surgery.

      the next two weeks were laying in bed trying not to lay the wrong way and send off a stabbing pain while enduring unpacking and repacking the gauze every few hours ans tweezing out unviable tissue growing back . And showering in screams literally. I was an opiate addict was well so no pain meds. Just 800mg ibuprofen every 8 hours and naproxen inbetween

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      In regards to an eyeball injury, if one eye is injured, you should cover both eyes if possible. Leaving one uncovered will lead to you moving both eyes, obviously, which will cause more damage.

      If you are by yourself and need to move this won’t work. If you have someone to transport you and get you to medical attention (an emergency department), then covering both eyes is best practice.

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        I had no idea but that makes total sense. Thank you for that!

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        Another thing I should add is that if the injury is caused by a chemical burn, you should not cover the injuries of either eye if possible until it is thoroughly irrigated. Covering a chemical burn on an eye can trap the chemical and make it worse and even spread it from one eye to the other if the same dressing is applied across both eyes.

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      At “Can you clean wounds with…”, appreciated reading “If you don’t have access to enough potable water…”

      My preparedness philosophy is governed by this consideration.  In my emergency dental kit, I have a RX vial of Tylenol 3 (~ 4-6 hours duration) and Tylenol 4 (~ 10-12 hours duration).  My water loadout determines what pill to consume.  Of course I’m evacuating to a dental clinic of some sort.

      At “Can you see what you’re doing?”, it’s valuable information re “Tip: A magnifying glass”.  Initially, for other reasons, I started carrying a magnifying mirror.  Both are valuable.  Just as a personal comment, sometimes I load my overall “kit” for minimal weight load.  I’ve carried the multi-purpose magnifying mirror (and a magnifying glass) and omitted my signaling mirror.

      A closing note FWIW, if a person is unconscious, make sure your notes say something like “Checked and did not see any DNR (Do Not Recisitate) bracelet or medallion on neck chain”.   

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      What’s the transition like from stopping bleeding to cleaning the wound?

      I’ve yet to stop bleeding with a dressing, but won’t taking the dressing away risk restarting the bleeding? Wouldn’t this be worse for a packed wound?

      I don’t think this was mentioned explicitly in the article, but the wound should only be cleaned if EMS is not on its way, right? Else, if severe, just stop bleeding, address shock (lay down, cover in blanket), put in recovery position if goes unconscious, and monitor until EMS arrives, yeah? 

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        You are correct sir. If you are treating a really bad wound, try and rinse it out with clean water (get out the pebbles and other grit), then apply bandages. If I didn’t have clean water, I would just wrap as is if help was on the way.

        If a wound keeps bleeding through the bandage then you just want to apply more bandages. Especially with a packed wound! I can’t imagine someone pulling out feet worth of gauze out of my gun shot wound. Probably the worst pain ever. This probably is only done at the ER and while you are unconscious. 

        That’s what Robert has learned about first aid. Hopefully any nurses or EMS professionals can correct me if I’m wrong.