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      This was super helpful, thanks so much! It’s great as I can’t remember more than few knots.

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      As a ship captain I must say these are excellent choices but I believe it’s also important to point out the most dangerous and improperly used knots. Number one on that list is the square knot which, according to knot expert Philippe Petit, has caused more injuries and deaths than all other knots combined.

      I also want to give a shout out to my favorite source of knot related information and research: the international guild of knot tyers, https://www.igkt.net, which provides free youth memberships.

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        Awesome, thank you Captain! I had no idea the square knot was so risky and frequently incorrect.

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      I would like to learn the author’s opinion of the figure 8 knot.  in technical climbing circles, it is rapidly replacing,or has replaced, the bowline for most climbing applications.  it is generally conisdered easier to learn, tie, and inspect than the bowline and has ben shown to be more secure.

      The bowline is a pretty decent knot with lots of tradition behind it, and it is the knot I used for several decades.  But now I pretty much use the figure 8, rewoven if it needs to go around an object.