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      I’m relatively new to this kind of stuff so this article was very helpful.

      I actually did switch to Signal instead of Whatsapp a few months ago and love it so far. I saw this chart online today of what information each app collects and it just confirmed for me that it was the right decision to switch.


      If you can’t read it too clearly, here’s what it says:


      Developer’s Advertising or marketing

      1. Identifiers
      2. Usage Data


      1. Purchases
      2. Location
      3. Contact Info
      4. User content
      5. Identifiers
      6. Useage Data
      7. Diagnostics

      Product Personalization

      1. User Content

      App Functionality

      1. Purchases
      2. Financial Info
      3. Location
      4. Contact Info
      5. Contacts
      6. User Content
      7. Identifiers
      8. Usage Data
      9. Diagnostics

      Other Purposes

      1. Contact Info
      2. Identifiers
      3. Usage Data



      Where as Signal only collects:

      App functionality

      1. Contact Info – Phone Number