Prepping Basics

how to make pemmican

How to make pemmican

Pemmican is a traditional Native American food that was used as a nutritious and long-lasting food source. It’s made from lean meat, fat, and dried fruits. Pemmican can last for five years or more without having to be refrigerated and is calorie and nutrient dense. It’s an excellent food for a long hike or in Read more

Prepping with pets

When disaster strikes, our lives can be thrown into chaos. However, as pet owners, it’s not just our lives we need to consider; our pets depend on us for their safety, too. Just as we need a disaster plan for ourselves, it’s equally crucial to have one for our pets. This guide provides insight into Read more

Off-grid power 101

Confused by generating power off the grid? Learn the basics in simple terms, including examples setups with links to gear for your needs. Read more