Your prepping time line and other dimensions in prepping

I wanted to become as prepared as circumstances would allow. 

Self-sufficiency was another goal, although I understood that the same circumstances would influence the degree of self sufficiency that would be realistically achievable.

Gardening and seeds are part of that self-sufficiency, but I learned quickly that it is necessary to have food stored. Food storage is a part of self-sufficiency for me.

I assembled resources like timeless, solid reference books. The items included in my preps were meant to cover obscure, but important possibilities that could occur in a disaster, like eyeglass repair kits.

Disaster duration was another factor that influenced the way I prepared. How long could I survive for?

History and current events, both of which exist on entirely different time lines equally impacted how I prepared.

The Covid-19 pandemic taught me much about how other people can react in a crisis, and further, how their reactions can impact my preparedness.

Certain items became very hard to get and even today the supply chain can be erratic. Prices skyrocketed as well which affected the ability to purchase, as did limits placed on various items during the pandemic.

Shopping became a high risk venture. Pick and pay grocery shopping had it’s limitations. I would pick up my order, check it, run into the store for missing items that weren’t there when the order picker assembled my order.

There was a time long ago when I was elated to finally have three months of key nutritional foods in storage. Three months became six months, then a year. Today, I store three years of key foods and am working on expanding this to five years or longer.

A freeze dryer is on my priority list. I want long term food storage.

My prepping time line is progressively increasing as the world changes and evolves in ways that worry me.

Circumstances change over time. How has the affected your preparedness?

As your preparedness has evolved, how has this impacted your prepping time line?


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