The Get Home Bag Guide (GHB, Car Kit)

Here’s a link to what is currently in my EDC & GHB/CarKit (one tab for each). There’s also a Behaviors tab, and a To-Do tab with finds from the links Gideon shared.

Relevant threads, thanks Gideon!

Original title: “Where’s the Get Home Bag / Car Kit article?”

Original post body:

Is there a main article or forum post for this?

I’ve seen bits and pieces mentioned in other articles, but not centralized place for this.

For example, I’ve got a NOCO Boost so that I can jump start my car without another car nearby, and I’ve got resqme window breaker / seat belt cutters zip-tied to each of the four “grab handles”. (The *sheath* is zip tied, so you just pull the tool out of the sheath without having to cut the tie.)

Other stuff: “roadside emergency kit“, bivy, “emergency radio“, poncho, wool socks, liner socks, headlamp, tire inflator, snow scraper

What all do you carry?


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