The Get Home Bag Guide (GHB, Car Kit)

Here’s a link to what is currently in my EDC & GHB/CarKit (one tab for each). There’s also a Behaviors tab, and a To-Do tab with finds from the links Gideon shared.

Relevant threads, thanks Gideon!

Original title: “Where’s the Get Home Bag / Car Kit article?”

Original post body:

Is there a main article or forum post for this?

I’ve seen bits and pieces mentioned in other articles, but not centralized place for this.

For example, I’ve got a NOCO Boost so that I can jump start my car without another car nearby, and I’ve got resqme window breaker / seat belt cutters zip-tied to each of the four “grab handles”. (The *sheath* is zip tied, so you just pull the tool out of the sheath without having to cut the tie.)

Other stuff: “roadside emergency kit“, bivy, “emergency radio“, poncho, wool socks, liner socks, headlamp, tire inflator, snow scraper

What all do you carry?


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      You are right Lowell, Get Home Bags have just been mentioned in bits and pieces in other articles and on various forum threads. How about we create a good centralized spot right now with this forum post? Maybe we can change the title to something like “The Get Home Bag guide” or “The ultimate Get Home Bag thread”. I’ll let you choose!

      Here are some mentions of Get Home Bags that I’ve seen on the site:

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        Thank you so much Gideon!

        I’ve tweaked the title, and I’ll start working through the links you’ve shared and will hoist recommendations I find as I do!

        For the sake of attribution, do you know how to obtain deep-links for comments? For example, links like https://theprepared.com/forum/thread/bob-plus-get-home-bag#post-24554 — I’ve only been able to get a hold of them when they’ve been emailed to me after I’ve followed a forum post. Relatedly, do you know whether it’s possible to tag other TP users, so that they know I’m citing them in this post?

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        Lowell- Great suggestions!

        To answer your first question, obtaining that deep-link from your email like you have been doing is one way. Another is if you get a little notification at the top of your screen as seen in the image below, you can click on the comment you want a link to and copy the link address. 

        Screenshot from 2021-04-24 18-16-36

        Or when you click on that particular comment from your notifications, your URL at the top will be that link to that specific comment.

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        So that could be a way to get a link if you are on a mobile device, take it from the URL after you have opened up the notification. 

        I’m not aware of a way to get a direct link to a specific comment that you may not be subscribed to, like a older post that was created before you even joined the forum. 

        I’ll take note of your desire for a way to have a direct link to a particular comment and see if we can implement it into the forum soon. I can see it possibly being an additional option within the three little dots at the end of someone’s comment, a share button or something.

        As for a way to tag a particular user, that is something we may work on soon. I can see that being very helpful. In the mean time, if I want to get someone’s attention, I’ll start out my comment something like:

        “Lowell- Great post today….”

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      I made a forum thread about my winter vehicle emergency kit months ago. It’s not really a get home bag, but it has saved my bacon many times. 


      Will need to take the winter stuff out of my car here soon! I’m so excited!!!

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      If you have some time to take a picture of your window breaker sheaths I’m curious what they look like. I’m glad you clarified that it is the sheath that is zip tied, at first I read it as the tool was zip tied and was wondering if you used the seat belt cutter portion to cut the zip tie to release it or how that all worked.

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        Happy to! Below is a photo, and also here’s a video of me pulling the tool out of the sheath.


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        That is superb! Much easier and cleaner than I thought it would be. I’m going to go order some of those now, no reason not to. 

        My hold up on buying a window breaker was where to store it, now I have a solution. Thanks Lowell! You have been a great addition to this forum and have helped me out a ton.

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        :3 awww thank you so much Liz! That means a lot!!