Where’s the ammo!!!!!

I’m seriously getting annoyed with the lack of availability in Ammo. I love to shoot on the weekends and I’m cutting back more and more because I can’t replace Ammo and when I can it’s ridiculously overpriced!! Last year there were tons of Black Friday Federal Black Pack deals and this year you have to sell your kidney to buy a 1000 rounds of 5.56! Ugh!


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      That’s why God gave you two kidneys. One to use and another to buy 5.56 with.

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        That’s some truth right there *mic drop*

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      Yes ammo is expensive now, though it has come down in the last couple months — it was super expensive the last couple years and/or not available.

      I’d recommend buying now if you can—don’t go into debt to do it—but I don’t think it’s going to stay cheap/available very long this time around. 

      If you can find PRACTICE (aka cheap) 9mm around $300 per 1k and/or 5.56 for around $500 per 1k buy it — it likely won’t get much cheaper (ever…?)

      Self-defense ammo is a lot more expensive, but be sure you have enough to fill up your magazines with a little bit extra left over.  (And fill up your magazines, empty ones are useless. )

      I buy all mine online (these days). I’ve had great luck with LuckyGunner: good prices, good availability, fast shipping, and great customer relations — plus they put out a lot of cool training information on their site. 

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      If your a dedicated shooter, you SHOULD know how to load your own ammo.  It’s not difficult as long as you pay attention and follow instructions.   For the current price of 1000 rounds of factory 223, you can get the tools needed to reload your own.  The ammo companies are working 24/7/365 to keep up with current demand. HOWEVER, the problem for reloaders is lack of primers.  Most of the primers are going to factory ammo.  There is a severe shortage of primers that is mucking up all the shooting sports.  When and, if you can, get your equipment, stock up on powder, bullets and primers.   I would also recommend stocking 5000-15000 rounds of 22LR.  That will be a valuable barter commodity when the SHTF.   (Note; You can’t safely and reliably reload rim fire ammo.  YOU CAN reload all center fire cartridges and shot shells)

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         I would also recommend stocking 5000-15000 rounds of 22LR.  That will be a valuable barter commodity when the SHTF.

        Amen to that!  I keep that and more so I shoot as often as I want and as much as I want.  When ammo is abundant & cheap, stock up on it heavily… especially the 22LR.  I purchase in cases of 5000.

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        Agreed. Ammo is currently widely available and prices have come down (though I still would like to see more reduction). Now is a good time to consider stocking up on some ammo for your preps. 

        And I also agree. You really can’t have too much .22 ammo!

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      Check Rogers Sporting Goods website! They’ve kept a really good stock of common calibers over the past couple years and have stayed very reasonable with prices. 400 rounds of Federal FMJ are $279.99! I know its not prices like the old days but its good for what we have now! 

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        To add to the potential shopping options, I’m a big fan of Lucky Gunner. Solid, competitive prices with great customer service and fast shipping. Plus they put out a lot of good, no nonsense, non-political gun and shooting information.