That Augason Farms supply chain letter floating around social media is real, but their “shutdown” is just for wholesale distributors

Augason Farms is a popular purveyor of survival food. Recently, they’ve had a message on their website:

Due to an extremely high order volume through all sales channels we are currently not able to receive any orders through our web site. All orders previously placed will still be shipped. Augason Farms Products are still available through other national sales channels both on line and in-store and also through other reputable on-line vendors. We expect to turn this site back on just as soon as possible.

As a manufacturer we are intent on making sure our vendors inventory is top priority. Thank-you for choosing Augason Farms.

On social media, a letter has been circulating from Mark Augason saying that due to “global raw-material shortages,” they can’t fulfill orders and are suspending business for the next 90 days.


I contacted Augason Farms to find out if the letter is legitimate. It is. Here’s what they said:

Thank you for reaching out to us for clarification. This letter was to our wholesale customers that carry our products on their websites. We are still open for business and producing products. We have had an over whelming amount of orders that have come in and we have stopped taking our wholesale customers orders and orders on our own website so that we can get caught up. We are working around the clock to fulfill orders and to keep producing inventory. You can still find our products on Amazon.com, walmart.com and local Utah grocery stores.

In short, they’ve had overwhelming demand and supply chain shortages, so they are suspending wholesale and direct orders until they can get caught up.


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      Which makes sense. If things get tight, you’d pause your third-party wholesale distributors to protect your core sales channels (eg. individuals buying directly from their AF website)

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      I bought an Augason Farms 2 week emergency food bucket a few years back but haven’t tried or even opened it yet. It would have been smart to have bought two at the time, one to test and one for my long term preps. I hope they are able to get back up and running 100% again soon.

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      Thank you for this. I know I can always come here for verified information and level headed advice. 

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      On a similar note, I received an email from Azure Standard yesterday announcing 1 additional week between drops due to driver, rig, and packaging shortages. 

      Azure sells organic and bulk foods and delivers every 4 weeks (now 5) to designated drops around the country. I buy bulk grain from them to repack and store. i.e. red wheat @ $30 / 50lbs