What have you shot before and what were the results?

I was reading The Prepared’s latest article titled What common or household objects will stop bullets? and it got me thinking about all the things I have shot before.

I’ve enjoyed shooting soup cans and old milk jugs full of water. Much more satisfying than your traditional paper target. There are a few memorable objects I have remembered shooting however.

While in college, my friends and I drove out to a local outdoor trash gun range to test and destroy some things. The first was a DIY silencer using a pillow. This is something I’ve seen in a few movies before where the person places a pillow in front of their gun and can take people down without any noise. 

I took an old pillow and taped it around my .22lr rifle and set up an audio recorder so we could compare the volume levels on the computer to see exactly how quiet it actually made it. From what I remember, it didn’t help at all. 

While out on that same trip, my roommate had an ancient laptop that he didn’t want to throw away and have someone take his data. So we helped him destroy the laptop with a few rounds of our guns. Probably not the smartest thing to be shooting at a laptop battery… Can’t remember if we removed it before or not. 

The last memorable thing that I’ve shot before is a cheap plastic disposable water bottle. Normally these would be absolutely destroyed by every round possible, but I had a few rounds of rat/snake shot that I wanted to try. It’s a pretty neat round and is filled with little pellets like a shot gun shell, but in a .22lr form factor. (here’s a random internet picture of one)


When I shot this at a plastic bottle, it went through the outside and many pellets didn’t make it out the back side, resulting in the bottle capturing the little pellets inside the bottle. Has anyone actually used one of these rounds on a rat or snake? I don’t feel like it has much power to actually kill it and that sounds kind of mean to have a wounded critter running around.

Anyways… What all have you guys shot before besides paper or steel targets? I think this will help us gain a sense of what will happen if we get in a fire fight with a bad guy inside our homes. From The Prepared’s article, it sounds like pretty much everything in our home will react like a paper target during a shoot out.


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