UK only. Martin Lewis warns of likely Civil Unrest

OT Martin Lewis fears “civil unrest” due to the ongoing cost of living crisis and spoke of feeling “sick” about having to advise households on how to keep warm without heating. 

The MoneySavingExpert founder told the Sunday Telegraph he is “scared for people” as inflation rises. He said: “We need to keep people fed. We need to keep them warm.

I actually 100% agree with this chaps warnings.

Martin Lewis is a very popular British financial adviser who appears on most UK media channels and has his own money saving blog. If folks like him are picking up on rising dissent and tension as are many preppers  then I think its time to revisit our (UK) Opsec.


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      Over and out.

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        This breaks Rule 4 🙁

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        I don’t think it was breaking any rule. The rule was to avoid partisan bickering between Reps and Dems. Many, both commenters and mods, have been discussing Russia, Ukraine, shortages, the threat of nuclear war, and how to prep for them. It probably wouldn’t be possible to discuss prepping topics and never venture onto the territory of political triggers.

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        Rule 4 is about unfounded conspiracy theories. As someone who knows nothing about this particular topic, the structure of this sentence is fairly common in unfounded conspiracy theories. If these groups were actually linked in some way, actually were financed by the same group, if there were evidence of any of it… then it would be an actual conspiracy rather than an unfounded conspiracy theory.

        “I’m convinced they (momentum), Extinction Rebellion, Insulate Britain and this new bunch of loonies Just Stop Oil are all linked in some way and are all financed by the same person/group.”

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        Two theories from two years ago were widely said to be unfounded conspiracy theories (lab es.. and lap…),  but are now agreed to be accurate. There was a lot of evidence then, and a lot of attempts to dismiss it. Both crucially important to know the truth about.

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        If you think something is true, present your evidence. Your first example remains unproven and I don’t even know what you’re hinting at with the second.

        Abbreviating to avoid triggering censorship… you’re treating this forum’s moderators like adversaries. It’s seems you’ve decided that you just don’t like the rules here (both 3 and 4) and are going to make moderation as difficult as possible. Please consider respecting the wishes of the TP staff, who have tried to be as welcoming as possible while discouraging such destructive behavior.

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        Momentum is a purely leftist political movement, Extinction rebellion has largely been an environmental youth movement driven by social media while Insulate Britain are more difficult to quantify but tend to be older. They’re all quite disparate groups with very different objectives. Linking them in this way without any evidence is unhelpful.

        (I have no affiliation with any political party or organisation)

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      Maybe it is slipping under the radar because our US mods didn’t notice it, but this is dangerously close to breaking the “no politics” rule.

      I agree with the theme here: you can only ask people to suck it up and choose between heating and eating for so long before something breaks. And the government’s strategy is clearly to hope that the return of fair weather draws attention away from the problem. But unfortunately kicking the can down the road is not politically right or left… 

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      I have removed a section of the topic that violates our rules. Talking politics when related to preparedness is allowed, but name calling and bashing on politicians, or a particular party is not. 

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        Oh OK Gideon, I’m sorry I just cannot function with this level of control, the political aspect was borderline to very slight, if at all.  I’m finished here, But good luck for the future.

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        You are one of the best members of this forum and I personally love every time I see a new post from you because you have such good insight and experience. I’ve always appreciated all you comment and share.

        But I hope you can understand the environment we want to create here. It’s fine to talk about politics that will affect us as preppers, but we need to avoid the toxic back and forth of “the right did this!” or “screw the left!”. By allowing those feelings here, it quickly detracts from our goals of doing the best we can to prepare. 

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        Thank you for doing the hard work of forum moderation.

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        I think your post was and is valuable, and I appreciated seeing it too. Please don’t be discouraged!

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      I have not known Martin Lewis to be untruthful or incorrect yet, I’m inclined to agree with you BM (Northern Raider) Opsec is always important, any lapse can unexpectedly come back to bite you when you least expect it.