UK media focusing on pan US shortages in stores

Please ignore anything political in the DM article and focus on the logistical issues.


EG this sort of detail rather than the political sniping.

Screenshot 2021-11-01 at 17-55-27 #EmptyShelvesJoe trending as concern mounts about Christmas shortages


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      I’ve certainly seen gasoline and food in general go up in price. Another trick I’ve seen is that all the Halloween candy 🍬 this year was “fun-sized”, much smaller than usual.

      It bother’s me that people make things like empty shelves political. They probably are just looking to blame someone. I’m not on the up and up, but I think there is many many factors that lead to shelves being empty. It’s not the president’s fault that you weren’t prepared.

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        We are not seeing empty shelves like that at all here. It is so strange to see those pictures and they are not the reality at all in our neck of the woods (greater Cincinnati area)

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      Good afternoon Bill,

      The difficulty is that the logistical issues are political.

      If, for example, Los Angeles got hit by an earthquake closing the port (consisting of both San Pedro and Long Beach [making up the overall port]), a usual method used to solve problem is to use other ports. 

      I have a hunch that if China’s ports were 24/7 operations, this was known in the US with anticipated results of container discharge backlogs.

      An astute American prepper would have known about this also. 

      The reason(s) for shortages are not relevant; only that they will/currently occur.

      Well prior to the Port of LA backlog, we’ve discussed here the availability and stocking of pharmaceuticals and med products.

      Did anyone note that with these grocery store shortages, the pricing did not change? Here in Virginia, it would be illegal to change prices to reflect the true value … not concerned re Doreto chips but am re stuff for baby, child, related … and guess what ?! …… The results are in.

      What got my attention in article is that the bar graph shows a gasoline increase of 42%.  It also displays a 1% airfare increase. Something must be going on.  Fuel is a major component of aircraft operations.

      I personally believe the school kids will survive with an altered menu. In my school days, we had to bring our own school lunch. Plus, when the lunch programs started, who the Hades would want the daily routine of peach clings in heavy syrup ?!

      Very kind of USDA to pay for the nation’s school lunches regardless of parents’ income.

      Our national economy must modernize or worse situations than empty grocery shelves will be experienced.  

      Some forum members remember the oil embargoes and I had relatives tell about the prohibition on alcohol after WWI. Solutions were found.

      Less my tangents, I did avoid the actual political matters. A prepper is obliged to stockpile CRITICAL stuff and think of substitutes for the non-critical. Yellow pine bark tea mentioned here at forum – by me ! I’d rather stock coffee.