TP team on break the rest of June

Just letting ya’ll know that a few babies are being born over the next few weeks, so our small team is taking the rest of June off to spend time with family after this insane last year and a half.

So there won’t be many new articles until July.

But the twice-weekly news roundups will continue as normal, and forum moderators are still on duty.

Hope you’re enjoying the start of your summer! 🙂

– John, Tom, Gideon, Carlotta, and Josh


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      Congrats on the soon to be new additions!    Enjoy the time away.  I appreciate that you were here for us during the pandemic and will continue to be after some well deserved rest and connection with your families.  -Alicia

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      Good morning John and team of Tom, Gideon, Carlotta and Josh,

      All the best re the arrival of new citizenry !

      We won’t neglect the perimeter security during this break.

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      Congratulations and thank you for all you have done, especially during the pandemic! See you in a few weeks.

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      Have a great summer break! You’ve earned it