Townsend’s homestead videos – homesteading like it’s the 18th century

I’m a big fan of John Townsends’s YouTube channel. He LARPs as though he lives in the 18th century and his channel focuses on him cooking a lot of recipes from around that time. He was one of my main sources for our recent hardtack guide.

I recently discovered a series he did last summer, in which he built a cabin and homestead from scratch. After he builds the cabin, he builds an outdoor workshop with a pole lathe, shaving horse, and a forge. If you’re interested in those sorts of traditional crafts, I encourage you to check out the series.


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      I love his stuff.  He got me interested in building an earthen oven.  I’d like one now but I think I’ll hold off until a crisis.  At that point, having one will be priceless.  At least for now, I understand how to build one & have everything handy to make it.

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      I made ‘The simplest apple pie ever‘ from his video and it turned out pretty good. Definitely not as sweet or flavorful as one with dozens of ingredients but I am kind of on a diet and didn’t need any extra sugar anyways. 

      I like recipes like this because it helps me to see what I can make with as few of ingredients as possible. One day I might not be able to get all I need from the store and may have to rely on less.