THRIVE – Long-term Wilderness Survival Guide – A review

This is a fine book and a superb reference and manual, with lots of solid opinions and recommendations.  If anything, it is more comprehensive than it needs to be for most of use, but you never know.

I agree with the vast majority of his equipment recommendations.  In contrast to many threads about very expensive survival knives, he recommends to Mora Kansbul (all of 37 bucks) and as the owner of several Moras, I agree.  I also go along with his recommendations for a firearm and headlamp.  In particular, he cautions against using a headlamp at too bright a setting.  He is absolutely correct.

One minor quibble.  Discussing emergency shelters, he makes no mention of rock shelters.  Based primarily in the western US, I have often used rock shelters to great advantage.  

Again, this is a really fine book, and a superb reference.