Thoughts on Quick Dam flood bags?

Does anyone have experience with the Quick Dam products? Specifically the flood bags?

I’m in the southwest and we’ve had a couple of nasty flash floods this past spring / summer where the water was just about to flood our garage. I’ve had sand bags in the past but the sun just eats the fabric up in a season or two – looking for something a bit more user friendly / portable. 



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      I’m interested in reviews as well. We are in a flood zone and keep sand bags on hand, but I’ve seen adds for the quick dams and am curious about them. We just had a high water situation before Christmas, our house wasn’t in danger, but it would be nice for an option to protect our landscaping and a fence that is in a more low-lying area. 

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      For those unfamiliar with this product, here is the Quick Dam website.


      There was a previous forum thread about Quick Dam products and other ideas. I think that may answer your question and give you some insight. 

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        Thanks, Gideon!