Thought I’d post two articles I had published by FMG several years back. “Knives for the Field” and BMBG “Bare Minimum Go Bag”



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      Thank you for sharing these two articles with us Tim. Are you a writer or were these just some side submissions for some extra money?

      Has your choices in knives and gear in your minimal go bag changed since 2013/14?

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        To answer your questions;

        Since being in the Gun, Knife & Hunting Industry as a gear manufacturer for nearly 30 years I have had the opportunity to contribute to a few magazines such as Eastmans Journal, Muley Crazy, SCI Safari Magazine, Tactical Knives, FMG American Handgunner Annual, Swat Magazine & a few others. The FMG were paid articles the hunting mags were non paid submissions. I write about things I am passionate about & subject matter I enjoy.

        As far as knives & gear go my knife choices haven’t really changed at all but the BMBG has. Because of the current volatile world & the unrest in America the BMBG has morphed to a full blown Multi-faceted Go Bag (a Vertyx Gamut plus) that I carry chock full in a separate locked Storm/Pelican case. That’s a whole other unpublished story. Lol!

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      Just to clarify I carry the full size BOB everywhere I travel whether by vehicle or by air. Since I have a press credential I can usually fly with that 70 lb full Stormcase (w G19 in small light weight lockbox) for no/Chg  or at a discounted rate. If not I don’t mind an extra $100 bag fee for piece of mind.

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      Those were a fun read. What are some of the different animals you have hunted over your life? What huntin tips would you give to someone before their first hunt?

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        I tried pasting them and couldn’t get it to work. I’ll try again. Any pointers on how to go about it?

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        Sorry this took so long to reply I have been out of pocket…

        I have hunt lots of Deer, elk, moose, bear & caribou, cougars  & hogs in N America, Alaska & Canada. 

        In Zimbabwe Africa I have hunted a livestock killing leopard, numerous Cape Buffalo & plains game and besides Zimbabwe I have hunted Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana, SA & Namibia, all the meat harvested went to the local tribal communities except for what we ate in our camps. I/We have also hunted the huge man eating  crocs in the Zambezi River and muddy Zambezi delta where crocs eat the locals quite frequently. Some crocs reach 17 feet long.

        As far as hunting tips (same as prepping) don’t take the cheap route get the best gear you can afford & if can’t afford it at the time save up for it. This is especially so with optics; binoculars & scopes. Firearms the next most important & that include premium ammunition tailored with bullets tailored to the game you plan to hunt. Knives & multi tools are next. Get something with a dropped point that still has a good sharp tip. My favorite design is called a semi-skinner. Find onewith S30V if possible or some other good steels such as 154CM & D2. 440C is ok as well. Learn how to sharpen your knives. if you know the proper techniques you can process a whole elk without touching up your blade if you stay out of the dirty silica filled hair & hide. Cut from under the hide.

        Good layered clothing & well made footwear is also very important.  Learn shot placement there are great books like the “Perfect Shot” to get that knowledge and learn game anatomy not just for taking the shot but for the field processing chores.

        Happy Successful Hunting to you!

        see Semi-skinner blade attached.


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      It’d be much better if you wrote/pasted articles here instead of linking to an offsite PDF. Just a friendly tip. Thanks 🙂

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        This. I’d prefer to minimize my exposure by reading those articles here on the forums. PDFs pose security risks.

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        I totally understand but I tried and the file was too large to upload…