The sun ☀️ is our greatest survival ally

During some morning meditation and reflecting, I thought about what an incredible resource the sun is to the survivalist. Here are some of my thoughts on how the sun helps us and if we study each method and learn how to capitalize on it’s ability, then we can become better prepared to survive. Feel free to add to the list if you have any thoughts.

  1. Generating electricity through the use of a solar panel
  2. Cooking food with a solar oven
  3. Heating up a house by opening the blinds
  4. Disinfecting water that is placed in a clear bottle
  5. Providing vitamin D through our skin to keep us healthy
  6. Telling time by using a sun dial or just looking up in the sky for a general sense according to it’s position
  7. Helping us navigate. Rises in the East and sets in the West
  8. Brings life to our gardens

Thank you sun! 

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      Playing the devil’s advocate here, it’s also just as important to know how to protect ourselves from the sun. 

      • The sun can give severe burns if you are exposed to it for too long, cancer as well. – SOLUTION – Wear sunscreen, and clothes that cover your skin
      • Can lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. – SOLUTION – Limit the time you spend outside during the hottest part of the day. Stay hydrated and relax in the shade.
      • Can cause blindness – SOLUTION – Wear sunglasses, do not look at the sun for over 1/2 second.
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      You forgot the most important one, LIGHT. Turn on your car headlights at night or the most powerful flashlight you have and see how minuscule it is compared to the light from the sun during the day. The sun is such a magnificent light source, and that’s with it being millions and millions of miles away from us.

      I’ve used the sun for general navigation and for seeing how much daylight is left, but haven’t ever purified water from it. Does anyone know how to do that and make sure it is safe to drink?