The Guardian profiles international go-bags

“Your life is under threat. You might have to run any second. What do you take?”The Guardian

I thought folks here might find this to be of interest. The piece highlights the diverse and rational needs for personal preparedness that are not at all the apocalyptic or paranoid variety.

While only a few of these kits would be The Prepared-approved for their thoroughness, most of the bags reflect some preparedness staples: important documents, communications, medicine, hygiene, and family care. I think it shows some interesting perspectives and that a go-bag is not a one-size-all solution: people do have distinctly different needs, priorities, and scenarios depending on their circumstances and personal values. A complete 30-50lb kit is not going to be achievable or useful in a lot of circumstances, especially for those living in high density urban environments for whom mobility is most important.


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      Very neat article showing go-bags from around the world. As you will note, many of them have portable electronics as a staple, and that makes sense with what we are seeing in Ukraine. People are fleeing but they aren’t going to just go out camping, they want to continue with their lives, keep working, and be able to communicate with people.

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        Yes and to Elon musks credit his Starlink system has not only saved lives, recconnected families, tipped people off to bug out, provided REAL TIME news and Intel on the war, put seperated families in touch and allowed the Ukrainian resistance to fight Russia as well.  And he isnt charging a cent.   Musk should get a Humanitarian award for this alone

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        Not to be pedantic, but something that should be noted given that Elon loves to dine out on free PR (ex. all the ventilators that he promised and never produced…):

        The service is probably free for the moment, but it seems that they didn’t actually donate the terminals/dishes: they’re being paid for by France and Poland (at least in part), according to SpaceX/Starlink’s CEO.

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      In the UK the Guardian is nicknamed the Gruniard as its got a bit of a reputation for spelling mistakes 🙂

      Anyway I digress,  There is also an article that came out yesterday of Womens Safety Charities in the UK providing ” Go Bags” to women fleeing domestic abuse. The charities proved bags loaded with stuff to help women who have to flee at short notice with nothing but the clothes off their backs.  Toiletries, sanitary products, some cosmetics, change of clothing etc

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      This article is kind of proof that when it comes to go-bags and BOBs one size does not fit all. There are commonalities in every bag, but depending on your location and what you consider your threat to be, there will be differences. Whenever I’ve looked at lists I’ve considered them advisory and added or taken away what I think I will or won’t need.  From looking at the pictured items, your passport and phone seem to be a priority. 

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        Gender, Age, Health, Situation, Geography, Climate, Threat, Risk Level,  Time period, etc all contribute to the individuals own needs.

        For some it could be as little as a handful of essential items, Knife, keys, Wallet, Phone, etc  for others its a small bag, others a rucksack. but if you look at say South Afrikaans living in rural areas they need a 4×4 and trailer full of gear for them to flee SA out into the Namibian desert and be able to survive for months.

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      Excellent article, loved seeing the people’s various priorities. I might feature it in the next news roundup 🙂

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      Hi Atlantic Rando,

      Terrific article. Thanks for sharing.

      It goes to show that the ‘right’ things to put in a go bag are as many and varied as the people who have them and the situations they’re in.