Storing 1 lb. propane cylinders

Over the summer, I bought a camp stove and a couple of 1 lb. propane cylinders. I also bought a couple of the small propane/butane backpacking stove containers. I’m trying to figure out where to store them over the winter. From a quick Internet search, it looks like they should be stored outdoors year round, and I don’t have to worry about them freezing in my cold climate. 

I live in a condo with no garage. There is an uninsulated storage shed attached to the condo. While it’s not detached from the living space, it seems like this would be my best option. Do you agree? Maybe store the cylinders upright inside a storage cooler (the kind for storing food during a camping trip)? Or? Thank you.


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      I store some of mine in my storage building and some in a bedroom closet. I think either way is fine.

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      Thanks for bringing up this topic! I have some currently stored in my garage and you made me wonder now if I am doing the best thing that I could be. So I did a little research and this is what I found.

      I went to two websites. Amerigas and Lakesgas.

      They say not to store propane in your home or in areas connected to your home. Probably less likely to blow yourself up if you don’t have it in your house, also less of a chance of a gas leak.

      They say to store bottles upright, don’t let them get above 120 degrees, keep out of direct sunlight, and don’t let them get below -40.

      Since the best place that you have is that storage shed, I think that would be good for you.

      One more thing I would add is to make sure they are up off the floor. You don’t want moisture from the concrete or flooding to rust the bottoms of the tanks and damage them.

      I will be moving my tanks from my garage to my shed. 

      Thanks again for asking this question. I hope this helps you too.

      What camp stove did you get Seasons4? I am interested in getting a new one and could use your advice. 🙂

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        Hi, Dragoon. Thanks for your reply and your research. That helps me decide to store them in the attached, uninsulated shed. I’ll just have to bring them into temperature-controlled space in the very worst of winter and worst of summer. Regarding the camp stove, I went with a Coleman two-burner stove. I only used it a couple of times over the summer. The camping equipment I used the most was a hammock attached by cords to trees. Best regards.

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        That is awesome! I have a cool handmade hammock that I got in Argentina, but after all these years it has just been in storage. I really need to break it out and use it!

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        We finally setup the hammocks that had been stored for 3 or 4 years in our backyard.  Do it when the weather permits, Dragoon.  One of the better things we did during this pandemic.

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      keep them out of the fire and don’t unnecessarily expose them to high temps like an attic >> that’s the extent of the safety precautions ….

      the propane won’t flow worth a damn freezing cold – keep that in mind if you want to power a Mr Heater Big Buddy in an emergency or brew up a cup on the Coleman ….

      keep the bottle end seal/threads protected by the retail caps – they take a hit the bottle could be ruined or could possibly leak when you use it …..

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      I store them under the gas grill that is outside.  It already had a large propane tank and closed storage from direct sunlight (plus the cover).  Didn’t seem like your condo had that option, though.