Solar blanket (panels) by Off Grid Trek

Do any of you own or tried the “28.5W Solar Panel, 23.8% Efficiency Rating, 1.1lbs” by Off Grid Trek?

I own two Ryno Tuff 21W Foldable Solar Panels, based on The Prepared’s extensive testing and recommendation. I am wanting to get one more, and want to diversify, as I believe in redundancy that is partially diversified in the scenario that one brand decides to crap out.

At $280, it is considerably more expensive than Ryno Tuff’s $50 offering.  I am willing to pay more for a better product that will last longer (years). It also has a DC port.

As I’ve mentioned before, I live in the Arizona desert with temps upwards of 120F in the height of summer.  We also have dust, wind and monsoon rains (oh, joy).

Your thoughts and input are appreciated 🙂

28.5W Solar Panel 23.8% Efficiency Rating 1.1lbs NO US SALES TAX!

Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 5.37.22 PM


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      I’m sorry, but that just seems like an awful high price for a solar panel like that. 

      I looked at one of the recommended models on the prepared’s solar panel article and saw that the BigBlue 3 for $70 can produce 28W, has 24% efficiency, and weighs 1.28 pounds. The BigBlue doesn’t have that DC out, but then again I don’t have any devices that would even use that. 

      Why do you like that panel and think it’s worth the money?

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        Hi. I have no idea if it’s worth the money. Came across it and thought I’d ask, here 🙂  Also, I do have a couple devices that uses  DC 

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      For $230 (still $50 less than the one you have listed there), you can get 200W of 12V flexible solar panels. They come with connectors and a charge controller. You can power larger power stations, car batteries, and all the smaller devices you want. If you already have two smaller panels, don’t get a third, get some larger ones that can power more things.