So the UK coronavirus variant is more deadly…now what?

I am now just starting to see articles claiming the UK variant of the coronavirus is more deadly – gulp.  

I haven’t been able to find anything yet that gives actual DATA and NUMBERS to support that claim.  Nor have I seen any information on exactly how much deadlier it is.

1.  Has anybody actually seen data, numbers or percentages?  Is the different more on the side negligible or are we talking something more serious than that?

2.  IF this variant is actually more deadly – what are everybody’s thoughts on what we should all do to better prepare, above and beyond what we are already doing now and have been doing for the “wild” version of the novel coronavirus?

For me, thus far:

-I just stocked up on KN95 masks and ordered about $100 worth of N95 masks.  I will order more once they arrive and I confirm the seem to fit ok.

-I went to my prepper pantry, took inventory and placed an online order to top everything off (it was getting close to that time anyways).  


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      We just put up an article about this.  🙂


      Right now the worst that we have evidence for is that the new variants are up to 70% more transmissible, can partially escape natural immunity but do not escape the RNA vaccines, and might be 35% more deadly.  That last one just dropped today.


      Despite how bad everything looks, the UK has shown that the new strains can be controlled by lockdowns.  And the vaccines still work, and we’re jabbing more people every day.  So the most likely scenario is that things get spicier, but this is still definitively ending soon.

      Basically the steps to prepare are as you’re describing, plus a psychological step: prepare yourself emotionally for the possibility that the pandemic goes on longer than it now looks.  And then any preps that result from that possibility.

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        Thank you!!!

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      No, haven’t seen any reports although I look for them on a daily basis. 

      Re 2; Writing as a private citizen prepper, my preparedness and routines are the same.

      In re the 5 factors that contribute to premature death, lack of professional health care is 10%. Behaviors like diet: 40%.

      My thoughts are to drive motor vehicles more prudently during decent driving conditions…or stay off roads.  Personal hygiene must be at max level.

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      For us, not much has changed except we restocked our supply of decent kn95s a little bit sooner to make sure we have enough to get us through the summer. We aren’t worried about obtaining true N95s right now as we have very low public exposure, live in an area with low numbers, and aren’t likely to ever be in direct contact with an infected person.

      Our biggest concern right now with the new variant is that is has the potential to drag this high risk time out even longer and makes it harder to avoid the virus until vaccination. I’m unexpectedly pregnant again and was hoping I could spend most of my pregnancy in a lull after this big surge subsides. But if the UK variant takes off in March as some experts are saying, that means I’m looking at spending my entire pregnancy in the worst part of the pandemic. I can’t wait to get my vaccine but at this rate, I probably won’t be able to get it any time before May/June 🙁

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        I sure hope your pregnancy goes well. 

        I haven’t kept up with the different types of masks, could you explain what the difference is between kn95 and N95? From your post it sounds like the N95 masks are better.

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        The KN95s are the Chinese equivalent to the US made N95. In theory they should provide the same 95% filtration but many samples unfortunately don’t meet that requirement. There was a report that found that 70% of the KN95s they tested didn’t meet the 95% requirement. But it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean they aren’t still doing a great job at filtering out particles, just that healthcare workers and hospitals shouldn’t rely on them for their covid units, ERs, etc. A well fitting KN95 should be very effective for most people as long as they aren’t in contact or caring for covid patients. Basically, you might not want to intubate a covid patient with one, but they should provide great protection for going grocery shopping, at school, or going to the office.

        Here’s the ECRI release:


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        Thanks for teaching me something new 🙂

        I’m sure the KN95’s will offer more protection than the normal cloth masks, so that is good you are using the best you have.

        Hope N95’s start becoming more available, and aren’t marked up in price to extreme amounts. I’d like to stock up on some.