See what mail you are receiving before it arrives. Informed Delivery by the USPS

Computers scan and sort every piece of mail that we get. By signing up for Informed Delivery, you get a copy of those scans to your email every morning so you know what mail to expect in the next day or two.

I believe that signing up for this free service is one more way to be a little more prepared. Why you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you!

  • Know if an important letter will be in the mail that day, such as a refund check or tax documents. On days I get important letters, I make it a priority to decrease the amount of time it sits in the mailbox to avoid theft.
  • Know if you will even get mail that day. No point risking slipping on ice walking to the mailbox if there is only junk mail in there, it can wait till tomorrow.
  • Get alerts when packages will be delivered so you avoid porch pirates.
  • You get the ability to electronic sign for packages if you aren’t able to be at your home when it is delivered, thus freeing up your schedule and avoiding going to the post office later to pick up your package that you were not home for.
  • Easily schedule redelivery for packages.
  • Sign up for this service so a bad guy or girl can’t. To sign up for this service, you create an account, put in your address, receive a letter in the mail with a code, and enter it into the website to confirm you are who you say you are. The thing though is, if I was a bad guy who wanted to get emails from the USPS with pictures of all my neighbor’s mail and know when to steal stimulus checks or birthday cards from mailboxes, all I would have to do is sign up for an account, steal that confirmation letter out of the mailbox when it gets delivered and I am now able to monitor all the mail people get. If I as the rightful owner create an account, then the bad guy can’t because there is already an existing account.

I have enjoyed using Informed Delivery and it does make me slightly more prepared in certain ways. Maybe your mailbox is literally on your front porch and it’s easy to check your mail and this is unnecessary, but for those who have community mailboxes such as in an apartment building, this could at least be a little convenient.



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      I signed up for this service when it started.  Being in the south, for me it is useful to know if something is being delivered (meds, food, etc) that I really don’t want sitting out all day in the heat.  Same applies to FedEx and UPS, I receive notices from them as well.