Review: Ertupe rechargeable hand warmer and power bank


With all of the supply chain issues, I am starting to think about things that I will want in a few months and buy it before everyone else does and then I am not able to. 

Fall is already coming where I live and I’ve had a few days of cold hands in the morning and at night. I do already have a Zippo hand warmer that is powered by lighter fluid, but that takes many steps to activate, heat up, and is just a lot of work for when I want instant heat for a short period of time. I have heard of electric rechargeable hand warmers but never had used one before. 

Looking on Amazon, there was this kind that I have seen over the years, but there was also a new contender that looked to have many more features and capabilities at a cheaper price.The problem was that it didn’t have any reviews yet, so was this real or not? I thought I would give it a try!

The Ertupe hand warmer is a 10,000mAh power bank that can heat up your hands and charge your phone. I like dual capability items. It is charges by USB C, which is something I hadn’t seen in other electric hand warmers. And I like that it has a tiny screen to show the battery percentage instead of just 4 dots.

It has three heat settings to provide between 104-140 degrees F (40-60C). 


Now this isn’t very scientific but I used a medical laser thermometer for checking a child’s temperature and did a bit of testing. The hand warmer started out at 92 degrees after being on the charger for about ten minutes and then I turned it onto the highest setting. In two minutes it rose to 103 degrees, and at four minutes it went beyond what my thermometer was able to calculate. 

I held it in my hands and it was indeed warm. My cold clammy hands (Mrs. Robert Larson knows of these hands too well), quickly sucked out the heat and I measured the temp again and it was around 96 degrees. This seems to be normal though with hand warmers, because even my lighter fluid powered Zippo hand warmer would do something different when I sucked out it’s warmth, it needs a bit of time to heat up the metal again.

So far I’m very pleased. It feels very sturdy, comes with a charging cable and little carrying sack, and does it’s job. I wanted a hand warmer that I could power off of my small portable solar panel in case there was a power outage.This is a great unit for warming up your hands before going to work on the computer, or after being outside for a while. It doesn’t warm up while it is charging, but that’s a minor nit pick.

Let me know if you have any particular questions about it and I’ll see how I can answer them. What are you planning on doing to stay warm this winter? 



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      Nice review Robert. That would be a good stocking stuffer this Christmas.