Remember Disaster Preparedness Also For Pets

Disaster Preparedness Day: Plan Now for Animals, Says PETA

Good afternoon,

Saturday, 8 May is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day. PETA sent out above linked announcement.

Admittedly, was not familiar with the word “speciesism”, at link’s bottom section, is a section mentioning it.

One important aspect of their news release is to check on other animals in your area.  You are sheltering in place but someone else could have evacuated and pet(s) needs help.


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      As much as I hate to agree with anything remotely to do with PETA, I have to agree with them on this count. When you choose to win animals, you are required to care for and be responsible for their lives. This is easier to do in expected disasters (hurricane), harder with unexpected disasters, especially if you need to quickly evacuate.

      If I have to evac on foot, I plan on using a tolley jack. My dog is elderly, so may not have the ability to go far, so putting him in a bag on the trolley jack will be an easier way to transport him. Carrying him as well as my go bag will not be possible.

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      That just breaks my heart thinking about all the lost and confused animals after a disaster. I have a few seasons of The Dog Whisperer on DVD and in one of the seasons they go to the disaster zone of where Hurricane Katrina hit and look for abandoned dogs to rescue. There were so many 🙁

      They took the dogs and found them new homes, but many of them had horrible trauma and that’s where The Dog Whisperer came in to help try and heal some of those hurts.

      Getting all choked up over here… I can’t stand seeing animals in pain or sad.