Refrigerator / freezer alarm recommendations

I want to get a fridge/freezer alarm for the two units I have and to get some kind of warning if the power were to be out and temperatures were heating up. That way I could have a little notice to do something about it like hook it up to a generator or pack it in ice to save the food I have in there.

While browsing through Amazon for such a product, I quickly noticed that many have all these fangled settings, displays, functions, and phone apps. I want a simple alarm to go off if the temperature rises above a certain amount, not some 12″X12″ display on my wall that tells the weather and a daily joke.

This one was promising and simple but but reading the reviews it says that the alarm is not very loud and only chirps for a few seconds before turning off. This is a deal breaker for me because I want a constant loud alarm to get my attention as soon as I come home from work and not risk missing it.

Does anyone have an alarm that they recommend?


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      We have four of these little units going and have been using them for years.  Two freezers and a fridge are in the pump house and are loud enough to hear when walking by.  The visual display was critical in a 7 day power outage last year.  It chimes intermittently, doesn’t seem to turn off until the temp goes low enough again. fridge alarm

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        I’m glad that I asked and found someone who has tried the one I was wanting to buy. So that is good that it chimes intermittently and not just once and then stops. 

        One more question that I have for you, in some of the reviews it says that the cable is too thick and causes leaking when placed in the closed door and it is shut which allows moisture to get in and causes frost and ice buildup. Have you noticed any issues with that?ice

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        We have the odd seal leak anyway (came from the factory that way).  I don’t believe the alarm cords contribute to that.    Our newer freezer has one of these and it does not cause a problem.

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      I’ve had a variety of small temp alarms (I stock insulin) but have never been happy with the alarms. There have long been autodialers that call a number when a given limit is crossed but they are very expensive.

      There are some new WiFi enable versions I’m looking at that send a notification to your phone over wifi via text or email. This seems to have a web portal