Recommendations for emergency stove fuel in Get Home Bag stored in car

I am going to store my Get Home Bag in the hatchback of my car day to day, so I have it if I need it when at work, at the grocery store, etc.  I live in northern New England, so very cold in the winter and in the summer months it can get pretty warm, especially inside my car. 

The last aspect of my get home bag planning revolves around figuring out what emergency stove I am going to have in my bag.  I had been planning on a Jet Boil (used this all the time before kids while hiking, rock climbing and ice climbing), but after asking Jet Boil about storing their fuel canisters in my hot car in the summer, they said absolutely don’t do that.  Not surprising.

I was planning on having several Mountain House food pouches in my get home bag to use for food on the journey home and using the jet boil to heat up the water for these pouches.  I thought it was good too because it would double as a back up for water purification (boiling).

If there isn’t a better option, I was thinking I could separate my more “temperature sensitive items” – like IFAK medicines, lighter, food pouches, other snacks, hand sanitizer, jet boil canister, in a smaller separate bag that I would bring into work with me each day and then bring back out to the car at the end of the day.

Does anybody have any alternative recommendations for heating / boiling water that doesn’t involve fuel canisters?  

Could you share how you address managing risks from extreme temperatures in your get home bag?


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