Radioflash – post EMP strike PAW movie


2019 movie that didn’t garner much buzz – recognizable cast – lower budget but not basement 


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      Good afternoon Illini Warrior,

      Thanks for posting this.

      Last week the Northern Virginia Autonomous Oblast experienced a LOUD thunderstorm boom.

      Was thinking if it had been an EMP strike, what would I do next. 

      I’m sure most did not even have a concern for the boom.

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      Thanks Illini Warrior, looking forward to watching this. Definitely recognizing Dominic Monaghan and Will Patton and really like them both.

      What did you like about this movie? Did you learn something new, did they get some things right, or was it generally interesting, given the topic?

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      Thanks for the link, couple of lessons illustrated, per Carlotta’s suggestion,

      (possible spoilers)

      1) Armageddon is not an excuse to go shopping. Dad thought it would be OK to just pop in for a couple of waters and wound up in a black friday riot. Even Gramps, our wise old prepper, thought it would be OK to just do a little penicillin run and easily could have gotten into trouble with the obligatory hype. In the early stages, what you got is what you got regardless of how much or little. That is pretty well the whole point of having a few things put back.

      2) People are strange. It is impossible to predict other people’s actions even in the normal day to day, be very wary of people under the least stress. When Dad got Reece out on the bridge and wandered up through the biker fight I just had to laugh.

      3) Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Don’t take chances and be extra careful using tools, driving, walking even. A twisted ankle or massive internal bleeding can kill you when the cavalry is otherwise occupied.

      4)  As the Donner party survivor said: “Remember, never take no cut-offs”
      Reece and dad, total greenhorns, figured they’d save a few miles boondocking some Cascadia canyon, LOL. Bushwhacking cross country is hard if you’re hard, experienced and know the country—and aren’t mortally injured. I would have backtracked staying near the road-cut, of course trying to avoid other adventurers and definitely the local dating scene.

      5) Last one, if you are the person designated to man the rendezvous, by all means stay there as long as you can. Wandering around on a goose hunt is only going to endanger you and you may be the only one fully functional when your party arrives.

      Forgot to add, it’s a pretty good flick aside from the silly hill folk portrayal, I give it a 3 out of 4