Preview of whole new TP website launching soon

Timing update: The person building the website got sick with the ‘tripledemic,’ so we’re delayed at least into January.

Crossposting this from the blog since some people only visit one or the other (which we’re fixing in the new site, haha!) 

This first version is more about cleaning up the existing site/experiments and laying a solid foundation for faster future improvements. For example, the current site tech prevented us from improving the way threaded convos happen here in the forum / how you could track what was the newest comment. The new foundation will let us do that.

More details and sneak peeks here. Example:

2022-11 forum index


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      Cool.  Improvements are nice and welcome but it isn’t the website bells & whistles that bring me here.  It is the civil discussions that we have that keeps me here.  I appreciate what you and your staff do.

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        Very true. ThePrepared’s greatest strength is in the community that has grown here. Of course, creating and maintaining that community takes a lot of work from TP staff: writing guides, stimulating conversations, and lots of moderation.

        I think a big part of this upgrade is about supporting those efforts that make this community possible. Improving the authoring tools for guides and site organization, improving backend moderation tools, and allowing members to do a little self-moderation with Reddit-style ranking.

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      Kind of looks a bit like https://reddit.com! Interesting!

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      I’m already loving this site how it is and it’s going to get even better? I’m excited!