Portable propane grill recommendation

Hi all,

We’ve been re-evaluating our preparedness supplies, and we’ve decided that we’d like to purchase a portable propane grill. We’re looking for something that would be used primarily at home with the option to place it into a car for transport. Camp Chef is pretty widely recommended, but we’d prefer not to buy a product made in China (we will if that’s truly the best option). Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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      Is there a reason you want to use a limited-fuel option like propane instead of something smaller and more versatile, which presumably would be more helpful in the kind of situation you need to bring a grill/stove with you to survive? 

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        We have some smaller stoves used for backpacking that would be a truly last-ditch option. I’m looking more for something that would be useful in the event of a blackout lasting seven to ten days, in which the most likely scenario would be us staying at home.

        I’m open to other suggestions, though.

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      I’m going to play the long game on my food cooking preps. 

      +1 for John’s attention to multi-fuel options. Liquid fuel (coleman/white gas/etc) systems are more versatile, easier to maintain in the field and generally more burly than propane-only systems. Not a grill, but this Optimus stove burns every. single. type. of. fuel. Making me rethink my prep, honestly. 

      Outdoor Gear Lab is a great place for reviews. They are backpacker/climber oriented, fyi. 

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        I like the floating grill. Haha.

        Yeah, I have a pair of Optimus stoves. They’re good at what I use them for, which is backpacking. I’d like something a little easier to balance and use if I am at home, though.

        Will give Outdoor Gear Lab a look.

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        Bought the Optimus. Thanks for the recommendation. I was split between that and an MSR, but the MSR weak point is apparently the crappy plastic pump that attaches to the fuel bottle. I saw numerous reviews about how those fail.

        Outdoor Gear Lab is extensive, by the way. Good site.

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        Nice, yeah I’m jealous of that stove, honestly. OGL was started by a bunch of climbers many years ago as a simple forum and developed into what you see today. Pretty great site, but obviously slanted towards more of the #backcountrystoke and #vanlife shenanigans. MSR has gone downhill over the years, unfortunately. 

        @John Ramey if you front us the money for a Float N Grill, me and The Roman here can meet up for a proper prepper test. Just a thought… 

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      Give Broil King a look. They’re North America made. Wish I had one so I could vouch but they got bonus points from me for the “Built for the searious griller” line on their site haha

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      HI. A grill is nice to have at home. So many options you have. Go to beprepared.com and see what they have. I have a small, metal folding stove that slips into my bug-out bag. I can use a small or large skillet and sauce pan on it. Heat up water for tea or coffee. Yes, I can use small bits of wood for it. I like it.