Physiology Core Concepts

Oxygenation and Perfusion All of the cells in your body require some basic things to survive. One of the primary components is oxygen. Oxygen gets tra
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      As I’m ask for feedback by John. 😉 It may be help to avoid confusion to explicitly mention that infections are not only caused by obstructions. For me it sounds here a little bit like that even though I’m sure that is not intended. But that is just a minor thing of course, overall I really likedthat approach to look into the function of the system “human” and the root cause of many issues in this way. It really helps to understand things better and already gave me a lot to think about. Thank you very much for that!

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        In case you missed it, the last 30s or so of the video talks about how not all infections are caused by obstructions, but that we use that mental “rule” in wilderness medicine because it’s a good model for figuring things out without proper diagnostic equipment.

        Thanks for the feedback!