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      Absolutely thrilled to see this mention in mainstream news!!!  <3


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        Looks like John got a couple quotes in there:

        For John Ramey, a former innovation advisor to the Obama administration and creator of the prepper website The Prepared, the community has grown to reflect American society at large in terms of political beliefs and demographic categories.

        “The only real unifying denominator among preppers these days is people who are smart enough to be aware of what the world is like … and they have the gumption to do something about it,” Ramey said.

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      Prepper Chat Night is this Friday evening, Mar 15, on Discord at 6PM Pacific / 9PM Eastern. Join our Discord now at this link so you’ll be ready when the event starts:


      Prepper Chat Nights are on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month. It’s a (video optional) call where we mostly talk about our recent prepping experiences and lessons.


      Note: The Friday chats aren’t the only reason to join Discord. While the website remains the better place for guides, articles, and experience reports, Discord really shines for conversation or helping someone through an immediate situation. The two work well together, and I use both every day.

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      Mysterious fish illness in Florida keys

      Critically endangered smalltooth sawfish washing up on shore. Other fish seen spinning around in the water. Florida just allocated $2 million to investigate.