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Hi people I am a new guy here my name is Dan. I live in a small apartment with my mom and cat no kids. I live in a rural area of NE Indiana. I am into prepping but only can do so much since I live in an apartment. I have building some preps. I want to setup some defense. My mom is against firearms and my apartment rules are to. I do have my Indiana CCW permit. I am stuck on what to do next for setups.


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      I’m pretty new to the site too but I’ve been trying to read up before I try and buy, especially since the prices for gear have gone up since the start of the virus and now with protests. Trying to avoid ending up with stuff I won’t use. The beginners guide is a good one. It’s the first link under the Start section at the top.

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      For apartment security – what floor are you on?  if you’re above ground floor without a fire-escape you probably don’t need to worry about windows (if you’re on ground floor, there are security films that *might* be removable… but I’d be wary of violating the lease for anything permanent).

      There are also portable door-jammers, read the reviews and be careful… apparently some of these are so strong that deploying them can actually damage your door (like, destroy the door knob…) if used improperly but there are many options:


      You might also consider security cameras.  I’m still looking for a good system, but for example Arlo security cameras are wireless and battery powered.  You might be able to find a way to set one up without it being stolen (semi-public halfway access I assume – maybe you could hide it in a “decoration” or bush/tree outside?) or without involving a permanent fixture.  Be aware – these tend to require an active internet connection (and power) to be useful.

      You can also think about creative use of furniture… do you have book cases or dressers strategically placed near doors or windows that can be moved into a blocking position without too much effort?  Are there “tools” that might double as home defense without running afoul of your lease agreement?

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        I live in HUD housing so under a lot of rules that stink. Can’t film over the windows cause of fire department same thing with the doors. I do have a CCTV system that I put together myself I have pics of it. I have some items that could use in a pinch for defense. I had to put up cameras because of a peeping tom and people trying to get in my home while I was gone. My mom was home by herself I have showed her how to use it she found it easy. I set it up like machine guns one the other ones back like in WW1 maxim machine guns field of fire.103976546_10158658128909511_6679437092701302612_n103737584_10158658128979511_3136339052925294351_n103945959_10158658129049511_2852820578502690374_n103940813_10158658129099511_4724100535580161783_namcrest 4 channel picture