Nashville bombing

I’m sure most have heard of the Nashville Tennessee bombing early this Christmas morning.  I can’t imagine any reason to ever have to resort to anything like this.  The only good thing that has come out in the news from this is the RV that was loaded with the explosive had a recording playing that warned people there was a bomb going to go off.  Apparently it even had an audible fifteen minute countdown when it was activated.  At least this gave time for police to evacuate most in the immediate area.  Could you imagine a cop banging on your door at 6am Christmas morning and telling you to evacuate immediately? It looks like there was at least one fatality but considering the size of the blast that alone is miraculous.  It will only be a matter of time before the motive and persons involved are known.  One thing the FBI is really good at is sifting through all the debris and finding clues.  I wish everyone affected by this the best, including the FBI agents that left their families on this holiday to begin sorting this out.


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      Looks like they narrowed it down to one guy that was a suicide bomber.  Still don’t know the motivation factor.  I don’t like my phone company much either but never waned to destroy them or myself.  You never know how unstable someone could be.  I prep for most of life’s emergencies but something like this is impossible to predict or really prepare for.

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      I’m surprised this topic hasn’t garnered more response.  Granted terrorism isn’t an everyday prepping occurrence luckily, but I think it’s more and more likely in today’s world.  As far as this incident, I’m very impressed at how quickly the psycho was identified.  We may never know exactly why, but at least know who and how.

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        It’s a good topic, but I haven’t personally followed the news very much on it to say anything besides that it is sad that it happened.

        With it occuring on Christmas day, I was too busy spending time with family to watch the news that day and came into the story pretty late. 

        It is also hard to talk about because there isn’t much to say about how to prepare for something like that. I think it does show the importance of having a BOB because didn’t they only have 15 minutes notice before the bomb went off? Just enough time to grab your bag and get outta there. 

        I did hear that AT&T service was choppy and disrupted that day, which shows that having backup modes of communication is important. 

        What are some questions you would like to hear people talk about to drum up conversation?

        Is there anything you guys have or would like to do different in your preps because of this bombing?

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        I’m in the same boat as Gideon— I sort of checked out for Christmas and missed the story. I did actually watch a news segment on it last night, and the thing that really struck me was the extent to which it seemed like the bomber wanted people to get out of the way and warned them about what was coming. It seems very weird, really unlikely, and of course just hugely fortunate that this person— who was committed enough to destruction and violence to blow up an RV and himself in a densely populated area— didn’t apparently want to take a bunch of other people out with him. My mom said something about 5G conspiracy theories being a possible motive, which seems like it might actually be explanatory— i.e., if the goal was to “get” AT&T rather than the usual “kill as many people as possible” thing we see from bombers, mass shooters, and their nightmarish ilk.

        I also don’t really know how one prepares for something like this. I mean, situational awareness I guess, but I’m not going to start profiling RVs. If the 5G angle is confirmed, maybe it’s useful to be mindful of the fact that major cell service providers could be a target. One thing seems clear at least: Whenever you hear that Petula Clark song, just run away. If it’s not creepily announcing the presence of a deadly bomb, it’ll worm its way into your ear and stay there, annoying you, until you die of some other, unrelated cause.

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        For a while this year, British 5G towers were a target and were being burned and taken down because people thought that they caused Covid-19. So yes, if you live near a cell phone tower, I don’t think it will cause any damage to you, control your mind, or cause corona, but I would be careful about people who think that they do. 

        I sure am glad that guy did that warning and allowed people to evacuate. 

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      As Gideon noted , it shows communications can go down.

      Same can be said for the power grid.


      1 to 2 year lead time to replace certain substation equipment…and mostly manufactured outside the United States… with just in time sourced parts .The guy who tweeted this above  works in supply chain management. . His follow up quote to the tweet – 

      Quite simply, the system is simply too big and too vulnerable. Best reponse for individuals is to harden their immediate ecosystem wherever possible. One reason I will never live inside a city, or depend on its gas/power, sanitation, water exclusively.


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        There was an intentional attack against the gas service in Aspen Colorado yesterday leaving many without heat in the middle of winter. This and the Nashville Bombing shows me that I need to have backups that can work off grid for utilities such as water, gas, electricity, and cell/internet access.

        Just having something like a portable space heater that works off grid can mean the difference between freezing your tail off or possibly dying vs surviving in comfort.

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      The Prepared just released a blog post about lessons we can learn from the Nashville bombing. It is a good read and covers things that we haven’t talked about in this forum thread yet. https://theprepared.com/blog/lessons-from-nashvilles-2020-christmas-day-bombing/ 

      What are your thoughts of this article? Did you learn anything new? 

      I thought it was very interesting how that single bomb, which only damaged small one block area, affected so many people, went worldwide with the story, and knocked out so many systems. This has taught me that our system really is very fragile.

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        Very good and well written article.  Even though something like this is unpredictable all the basic prepping that we do can help you during any form of emergency.  I can only imagine how the people that got up on a cold Christmas morning and ran out of their apartments felt.  I’m sure most were not preppers and literally had the clothes on their backs and their wallet at best.  As the article brings up the point of cell service, atm networks and credit card readers down it should reinforce how important it is to have cash on your person and a go bag with some necessities.  No one wants nor gets to pick what type of emergency can happen in life, but having some sort of plan and some basic supplies can really help you through them.