Moooooooo…Can you rec a powdered milk?

I have descended into the rabbit hole of instant / powdered milk and my eyes are about crossed with all of the info. 

Simply, I just need recs from folks who have taste-tested an instant/powdered milk.

Looking for:

– long shelf life

– for cold cereal

– for cooking hot cereal

– for baking

We don’t really just “drink a glass of milk,” here. But, we do prefer whole milk as we use it in baking…and got used to that many years ago.



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      The comments on this old article enthusiastically recommend Saco Pantry Cultured Buttermilk blend for baking and Milkman dry milk powder for drinking. I have no personal experience with either of them.


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      Does it have to be dried milk for a reason? Sterilised milk also has a long ambient shelf life and tastes good. UHT has a shelf life of at least three months. Nido is a full fat dried milk brand owned by nestlé which is often used in 3rd world countries such as the UK.

      The key to storing perishables is to rotate out old stock as you replace with new.

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        Yes, space, portability, etc

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        In that case I recommend Nido by Nestlé as a powdered full fat milk that you can cook with but even this has a best before date. (Not a use by date)

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      Does anyone know about how long this can usually go beyond the expiration date?  Thanks.